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Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 9

by: Rob Kentworth ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This part of the walkthrough for Final Fantasy XIII details where to go and where the treasure orbs can be found during Chapter 9. During this part, the difficulty ramps up and the need to grind CP and Gil starts feeling necessary. Information is also included on how to beat Barthandelus, a fal'Cie.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 9 - The Airship

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    Chapter 9 walkthrough:

    Final Fantasy XIII: Aboard the airship. When you gain control of Lightning, you'll be on an airship en route to rescuing Sazh and Hope. Save your game and each character will have something to say, though it's not important to talk to them. Head straight up the corridor and talk to Rygdea, which will trigger a cutscene where you board the enemy airship transporting Sazh and Vanilla.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 9 - The Palamecia

    After landing on the airship, defeat the PSICOM soldiers that charge you. After defeating the first batch, another group will appear but take the time to save the game and level your characters up if you haven't done so already before engaging them. After they're defeated, it's important to note that this chapter marks a change in the difficulty from this point on. In order to beat the final boss and the one of the next chapter, you will want to be as strong as possible so that you have an easier time. The easy way to get enemies to respawn is to save after fighting them, then reload. They'd have reappeared then. The best time to farm CP is just before the boss fight though, which I'll warn you about in time.

    After the second batch of enemies are defeated, move to the story marker. When you've jumped up several platforms and land on a long corridor, make sure you open the treasure orb to the right for four Digital Circuits (at the back of the path, opposite direction of the story marker). Head to the marker then.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 9 - External Berths

    Final Fantasy XIII: External Berths. Save your game after the cutscene and move south of where you started for a treasure orb containing a nugget of Millerite. Move to the story marker then. Also, it's worth noting that the PSICOM Dragoons can drop Incentive Chips that sell for a lot of Gil. When you've jumped from a ship to another platform, don't forget to open the treasure orb to your right for three Incentive Chips.

    Carry on heading to the story marker then. After hopping onto the second platform from another ship, don't forget to open the orb there to the left for four Flasks of Silicone Oil. Then carry on to the story marker. There're no more detours in this area.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 9 - Crew Corridors

    Final Fantasy XIII: The Crew Corridors in the Palamecia. When you gain control of Lighting and co again, save your game and instead of taking the path to the right a bit further down, continue heading north. When the enemies are defeated here, take the path to the right towards the marker. This way, you'd have maximised the CP you've earned. Also, keep in mind that the female soldiers here, PSICOM Huntress', can drop Incentive Chips. So if you haven't done so, this is also a good spot to grind in for Gil. After reaching the marker, proceed to the next one.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 9 - Cargo Access

    Final Fantasy XIII: Cargo Access. After the cutscene, you'll have control of Sazh and Vanilla after they've broken out of their cell. Save your game, level up your characters and then head to the story marker. After moving ahead a short distance, you'll reach what seems to be an impassable barrier. Simply go to where Vanilla stands and activate the controls. Then proceed on. Make sure you go around the entire area here and flip the switch to reach the hidden enemies and treasure orb which contains a Royal Armlet, which boosts your resistance to physical and magical damage by 5%. Then head to the story marker.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 9 - Rotary Shaft

    Final Fantasy XIII: Map of the circular area, the Rotary Shaft. Move ahead when you gain control of Lightning and co. Save your game and look at your map. You'll see that the area you're in is circular in shape with paths branching out from the inner circle. Even though it may take a while, you want to explore the entire area so pick a side and then move around it either clockwise or anti-clockwise. This is so that you can open all of the treasure orbs, but also to maximise your CP. Then work your way through the inner circle, before heading to the story marker.

    A cutscene will play and control will switch back to Sazh and Vanilla.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 9 - Primary Engine Bay

    Level them and save, then view your map. The area is sort of similar to the previous one. There is no need to go into the central part though apart from the fact there's a treasure orb containing a Tuft of Phoenix Down. You can get it without fighting, so just circle around until you find the correct spot. Apart from that though, the only other treasure orb is on the left hand side. So, open those orbs and head for the story marker.

    After winning the fight forced on you, you'll view another cutscene and control will again switch to Lightning and co.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 9 - Starboard Weather Deck and Kalavinka Striker

    Save your game and level the characters up, then head in the opposite direction of the mini-map arrow, so you're heading in the direction that lies behind your starting position for an orb containing a Whistlewind Scarf accessory. Then, begin moving to the story marker.

    When you come to the path that seems to zig-zag, go right first for an orb containing a Perfect Conductor. Then go left and continue moving towards the story marker. Save at the save-point and then continue. While moving forward, be on the lookout for treasure orbs on lower ground, where the platforms keep being lowered and raised. There's an orb in the north-eastern corner as well where the PSICOM Dragoons are.

    Final Fantasy XIII: Kalavinka Striker. When you reach the next marker, a boss battle will begin.

    The boss is called Kalavinka Striker and the first thing you want to do is buff your party. If you use Libra on it, you'll see that it's susceptible to Slow and Curse. You'll also see that it uses lightning-based attacks. So, after buffing, heal and then hammer the boss until it falls. After it's beaten, you'll enter another fight against the beast. Defeat it the same way.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 9 - Bridge Access

    Final Fantasy XIII: Bridge Acces. Finally, you can now change your party members, which is great. Read the Primer entry on it. When you have control, save your game. No need to level your characters straight away, though it would be beneficial. You can do it right before the boss. Now then, this entire area is a series of platforms. To get about, you need to press the switches on each platform to create a bridge. The area itself is small and from the platform you stand on, you can see where the treasure orbs are situated so you can easily work out where you need to go. Don't continually farm the area here yet, but do try and beat all of the enemies and open the orbs. As for your team, you will need someone with Haste for later, which means Sazh. You may want to organise your party now. (For the moment, I switched him in for Fang.)

    So, clear the area out before heading to the save-point near the story marker. Also, the PSICOM soldiers here can drop Incentive Chips.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 9 - Paradgims for Boss Fight

    Alright, when you move to the story marker, a cutscene will play and the boss battle will begin. However, it's time to discuss the setup I used first.

    My Paradgims were as follows:

    1) All for One. (Default)

    Lightning: Commando. Hope: Synergist. Sazh: Synergist.

    Maybe Lightning should have her role changed to a Medic, but this way, she can keep a chain alive while Hope and Sazh renew buffs.

    2) Relentless Assault.

    Lightning: Commando. Hope: Ravager. Sazh: Ravager.

    3) Hero's Charge.

    Lightning: Commando. Hope: Medic. Sazh: Synergist.

    4) Diversity.

    Lightning: Commando. Hope: Medic. Sazh: Ravager.

    5) Tri-disaster.

    All Ravagers.

    6) Convalescence.

    Lightning: Medic. Hope: Medic. Sazh: Synergist.

    My reasoning behind this choice is if the party takes a lot of damage and their buffs disappear, they can cope with the healing while Sazh refreshes Haste.

    Equipment wise, equip the Gold Bangle on Lightning (or whoever is your leader). The boss really enjoys using magic, so equipping a Rune Bracelet on Lightning and the other one you found on another character might be a good idea.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 9 - Barthandelus

    Final Fantasy XIII: Barthandelus, a fal'Cie. Barthandelus, a fal'Cie, is comprised of multiple parts. The main part, a left and right pauldron and also a left and right ailette. Each of those parts deals a different type of elemental damage. So, while your characters are buffing, use Libra. Next, switch to the Diversity Paradgim once you're buffed and healed. Destroy the different parts one at a time. However, be warned that as you destroy the parts, he'll use stronger versions of the elemental magic. After they're destroyed, there's only over 450,000 health points to whittle down. At this point, switch between the Diversity and Tri-disaster/Relentless Assault Paradgims as needed. Be prepared to renew buffs when it's needed as well. Eventually the boss will start using a move called Destrudo. When he does, attack him no matter what even if you're low on health because if he hits it, then it's game over most likely. If you cause enough damage, he'll groan and the damage will be lessened when the move's used. So, as soon as he groans, relax and heal and then resume as normal.

    He'll fall eventually, marking the end of Chapter 9.

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