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Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 7

by: Rob Kentworth ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This part of the walkthrough for Final Fantasy XIII details where to go and where the treasure orbs can be found during Chapter 7. Also, tips on how to beat Ushumgal Subjagator and Havoc Skytank are included.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 7 - The Metrostile in Palumpolum

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    Final Fantasy XIII: The start of Chapter 7, at Palumpolum. 

    Chapter 7 walkthrough:

    When you gain control of Lightning, the first thing you'll want to do is level her and Hope up. Then save your game. Next, I'd recommend heading to the left of the save-point. Then, wait for the to guards move and go northwards. Wait again for the next bunch of guards to move, before carrying on. Also, if you go to the right of them, you can find a treasure orb containing three lengths of Fiber-optic Cable. When you're in the tunnels, the path is straightforward. Keep in mind though that if you wish to fight the enemies, you're quite capable of doing so.

    When you jump down into a large pipe after destroying a vehicular enemy (Falco Velocycle), open the orb at the back for a Librascope. Then proceed on.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 7 - Nutriculture Complex

    Final Fantasy XIII: Carbuncle, the fal'Cie in charge of supplying food. 

    Save your game after jumping down from the pipe and move on, following the mini-map directions. To make the Flanitor enemies easier to deal with, damage one of them and hold your attacks until the other enemy starts repairing its comrade. Then use your AOE (area of effect) attacks so that it causes them to not attack you. In other words, they'll be too busy healing each other to bother you.

    Eventually, you'll reach a lift. Save your game before taking it. When you take the lift, a cutscene will play and you'll need to fight off enemies with one character. Make sure you use the Gestalt mode to full effect during this fight and then when it ends, re-summon again for the easiest time.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 7 - The Agora

    Save your game after the fight and proceed forward after levelling Snow. After going up the ice ramp, continue north when you spot the next one so that you can open the treasure orb for a Vial of Fortisol. Also, you may get a Rhodochrosite, which is a transformation crystal used for upgrading items at the max level into their next form. After opening the orb, backtrack and take the next ice ramp. Take the route to the right first for another orb containing a Paladin weapon for Snow and also the extra CP. The weapon itself is not an upgrade, unless you want to improve Snow's Sentinel role. Continue following the path then. When you jump down, go left first for the treasure orb containing 4 lengths of Insulated Cabling, then continue following the mini-map directions. Eventually, after reaching the story marker, cutscenes will play and after those, you'll be controlling different characters.

    When you gain control of Fang for the first time, save your game and move on after levelling her and Lightning. After a few fights, you'll again be put in control of Snow and Hope.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 7 - Western Promenade

    Final Fantasy XIII: The Western Promenade. When you regain control of Snow and Hope, save and move on. Just before the path turns, there's a place you can jump up to for a treasure orb containing two Incentive Chips. After grabbing them, jump down and follow the mini-map directions. After the next cutscene, you'll be facing a fight against three PSICOM Aerial Snipers. They're not really tough, but you're probably best keeping Hope in the Medic role until at least one of them is eliminated. After beating them and the others that fly in, another cutscene will play a bit further on. After the cutscene, you'll be in a new area of Palumpolum.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 7 - Rivera Towers

    Final Fantasy XIII: Rivera Towers. When you regain control, move forward and save your game. Proceed on and watch the cutscene before going to the story marker and jumping down. When you land at the bottom, go left for a treasure orb containing a Shaman's Mark accessory. Then follow the mini-map directions. If the Falco Velocycle you encounter here starts to use the Gatling Gun attack, then it's best switching Snow to the Sentinel role and Hope to the Medic role until the danger passes. When you reach the end of the path, take the northern-most pathway for an orb containing three Thrust Bearings. Then move forward a bit and grab the one to right for a Vidofnir weapon for Hope, then continue following the mini-map directions. When you come to the part where you face a Falco Velocycle and two PSICOM Aerial Snipers, use the default Paradgim for one full ATB gauge's worth of attacks and then switch Hope to a Medic until at least one soldier has died. Then, just alternate between defensive, offensive roles, alongside a mixture of both as necessary. Then move ahead and save your game.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 7 - Ushumgal Subjagator

    Final fantasy XIII: Ushumgal Subjagator. After that, move forward for a cutscene. You'll be forced into a fight against a boss called Ushumgal Subjagator. It has pretty high damage, so I'd recommend switching Snow to the Sentinel role and Hope to the Synergist role for the fight's start. After buffing, switch as necessary to defensive and offensive Paradgims. Other than that though, just stagger the boss as soon as possible.

    After the boss' health bar has been depleted, it'll fly off and another cutscene will play. Then, control will switch to Lightning and Fang again. When you have control, save your game and follow the mini-map directions.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 7 - Central Arcade

    After the next cutscene, you'll enter a new area. Move to the next story marker. After reaching it, several cutscenes will play. After them, save your game and move forward. Before heading in the direction of the mini-map arrow, open the orb first for a Tungsten Bangle.Then head towards the story marker. Save your game when you come to the save-point, then proceed on.

    Final Fantasy XIII: Dealing heavy damage to a staggered Ushumgal Subjagator. After reaching it, you'll face the Ushumgal Subjagator boss again. You'll only control Hope at first, so don't try to keep him up. When his health is depleted, Lightning and Fang will come to the rescue. Slow the boss and make sure you keep protections up. Then just beat on him and get him to stagger. Also, he takes extra damage from lightening attacks. After he falls, it's time for the last part of Chapter 7.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 7 - The Estheim Residence

    Final Fantasy XIII: Inside the house of Hope's father. After you regain control, make sure you open the treasure orb before going to the story marker. Following the next few cutscenes, save your game and move to the next marker, which will trigger another cutscene, before you're forced to fight again.

    Now then, it is at this point where you stand a chance at earning Gil. However, you must be prepared to keep fighting the soldiers as they spawn. They drop items that are quite profitable. This'll come in handy for getting materials to upgrade your weapons and accessories. While Chapter 8 may not be too tough, it is Chapter 9 onwards where the game does start getting harder, so if you don't mind grinding, it is worthwhile sticking around here for a bit.

    After you're done fighting and you're happy with the amount of Gil/items you got from the soldiers, then feel free to head to the story marker. Be careful about approaching it though as you could trigger the next cutscene prematurely.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 7 - Havoc Skytank

    Final Fantasy XIII: The Havoc Skytank. Regardless, when you approach the story marker, a cutscene will play and you'll enter a boss fight. It's called Havoc Skytank. The first thing you'll want to do is use a Paradgim that enables you to buff your party. Next, the boss consists of several attackable parts. Each part unleashes attacks against you, so the boss will be hard until you can destroy some of the parts. The most damaging attack is the Missile Barrage, which seems to originate from the top parts, the Starboard Hull and Portside Hull. So, eliminate those parts first. Then focus on the turret parts. After those parts are eliminated, there's just the main part left and the machine boss will open up a bit revealing a cannon. This isn't a threat though as long as you have someone healing all of the time. The boss is also easily staggered at this point. Eventually, the boss will fall, signalling the end of Chapter 7.

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