Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 3 - Lake Bresha

Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 3 - Lake Bresha
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Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 3 - Lake Bresha

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After watching the cutscenes, you’ll be forced into an easy fight. Defeat the encounter and watch the next cutscene, then move ahead for the next cutscene. After this, you’ll have unlocked the Crystarium system meaning you can develop your characters now. Please do note that until the later chapters, there’s absolutely no need to grind for CP (Crystarium Points) to build your characters due to the character development caps in place. If you fight practically every enemy in a chapter for now, you’ll be fine.

Regardless, after unlocking the system, move ahead following the arrow on your mini-map. Save your game and take the left path to retrieve a Pearlwing Staff from an orb. Then doubleback and take the right path, where the save point is.

At the next enemy encounter, open the orb to the right for seven Chipped Fangs. Then move on. After the jumping section, move forwards a bit and there’s an area to the right that branches off from the main path. Open the orb there. Then move on and fight the soldiers that appear following a cutscene. Proceed on.

Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 3 - Through the Chains

You want to take t

Final Fantasy XIII: Lake Bresha - The tunnel you need to  head down.

he right-most path first to open the orb for five Cieth Tears. Then you can take the path going left. If you’re on the correct path, you should come to a more open space with frog-like enemies hopping about. After they’re beaten, open up your map and instead of taking the path to the save point, take the other path. Defeat the next batch of enemies and open the orb there for a Silver Bangle. Equip it on Lightning so the chance of her falling is lessened. Then head back and go to the save point, before taking the tunnel.

Watch the cutscene that plays and continue following the path. Defeat the Pantherons and open the orb for a tuft of Phoenix Down. Then open the other orb for fifty Gil. Move between the structure then that has fallen down (like some form of chain). Open the orb further down the path (to the left). Kill the soldiers and open the other orb for a Magician’s Mark. I’d suggest equipping it on Vanilla. Then continue along the path that winds downwards.

Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 3 - The Manasvin Warmech

Final Fantasy XIII: The Manasvin Warmech

You’ll come into contact with a Manasvin Warmech. You’ll also be able to access a tutorial on the Paradgim Shift system. You’ll need to make the most of the system because you ‘will’ need to heal. Namely, it is the attack that hits your entire party that will give you problems. Other than that though, the battle is pretty straightforward.

After the fight is over along with the next cutscene, the party members you control will change. Spend the other character’s CP and then move along the path. When you come to the next part with multiple paths, go to the right first (instead of taking the path that leads downwards). Open the orb there for six Vials of Strange Fluid. Then, jump down. Defeat the Pantherons and then take the path that leads to the left (down the pipe heading downwards). Open the two orbs and then backtrack taking the other path.

Enemies will jump onto the platform. Defeat them. Now take the right path first, so you can gain some extra CP and also find another orb. Then backtrack and follow the arrow on your mini-map.

Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 3 - The Alpha Behemoth

Final Fantasy XIII: The Alpha Behemoth

Instead of examining the object represented by the circular icon on the mini-map, go to where the enemies are first. Open the orb, then examine the point of interest. A cutscene will play where you create a path for yourself by shooting the ice. Take that path. Save your game. Continue on.

You’ll be thrust into an encounter then with an Alpha Behemoth. Also, you’ll be able to view a tutorial on battle techniques. The battle itself is not hard, so don’t worry about it. Just heal if necessary and pound the behemoth. After defeating it, take the path to the right for the orb. Then follow the arrow on the mini-map.

Eventually, the path will fork again. Open the orb to the right first, then take the other path. When the path next forks, you’re best taking the path that seems most connected, i.e. where there’s less of a gap on the mini-map. Grab the two orbs here and then carry on. When you come to the next platform after the jumping section, go to the area off the main path for another orb and then go back and save your game. Then continue following the path.

Open the orbs you pass for thirty Gil and six Begrimed Claws.

Final fantasy XIII: Chapter 3 - The Gates of Antiquity

Eventually, you’ll reach a new section of the map called Gates of Antiquity. Save your game and to the right is an orb before you move into the central area. Open it and move into that area to defeat the Alpha Behemoth. Next, instead of taking the stairs, jump up the rubble to the right and open the orb. Then, despatch the enemies and continue on. At the next fork, you have the option of jumping down or taking the stairs down. Take the stairs and open the orb to the right for seven Begrimed Claws. Then continue following the mini-map arrow. Open any orbs along the way. Save your game when you come to the next save point.

Continue following the path. When you come to the next fork, take the stairs leading up for the orb. Then jump down and save your game after beating the PSICOM soldiers. Open orbs here as well before moving to the story marker. For information purposes, I had the Crystarium maxed for Sazh and I was missing one node for Lightning and Vanilla here.

Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 3 - Garuda Interceptor

Final Fantasy XIII: Garuda Interceptor

You’ll now be faced with another boss battle. There are two phases. The first phase is not tough and it is pretty straightforward. After depleting its health bar the first time, a cutscene will play and you’ll enter the second phase of the battle.

In the second phase, it’ll make use of Barrier that effectively hampers your damage dealing capabilities. The aim is to stagger the boss as quickly as possible. Be on the lookout for Hellstorm Bolt as well, as it’s a damaging attack. When you do stagger it though, it’ll fall quickly.

Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 3 - The Shiva Sisters

Final Fantasy XIII: The Shiva Sisters

You’ll be forced into a battle with some soldiers as Snow after saving your game and watching a cutscene. They’re not tough, but you will need to heal. However, the soldiers are not the real fight in this part. The real fight are the Shiva Sisters, though to be specific, you’ll only be fighting Nix. There’s a tutorial to watch/read as well.

The fight itself will see one sister heal you, while the other attacks. You’ll see a timer counting down above Snow’s head. When that reaches zero, it’s game over. You’ll also note a Gestalt bar by Nix. The aim is to fill that up by various means. You should try and fill it by switching to the Sentinel role and basically just defend against the attacks. However, when Nix is attempting to charge her ATB Gauge, it might be wise to shift to the Ravager role and pummel her. It’ll probably be close, but you should be able to fill the Gestalt bar. When it’s full, press the square button and the battle’ll be complete, alongside the chapter.

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