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Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 8

by: Rob Kentworth ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This part of the walkthrough for Final Fantasy XIII details where to go and where the treasure orbs can be found during Chapter 8. During this part, you'll see some Chocobos. Also, tips on how to beat Midlight Reaper and Brynhildr, the Eidolon, are included.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 8 - Nautilus Station

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    Final Fantasy XIII: The celebrations at Nautilus Station 

    Chapter 8 walkthrough:

    Control will switch to Vanilla and Sazh for this chapter. After the chapter opening, save your game at the save-point. When you gain control, move to the story marker and watch the cutscene. Next, move to the next marker and a really good cutscene will play showing some festivities and celebrations, like a show and fireworks.

    After the show, carry on moving to the different story markers. When you board the Nautilift to head to the park and stop, head towards the next marker and a short mini-game will begin. The goal of the mini-game is to find the little Chocobo. It'll keep moving. First, head to the herd of sheep directly north. It'll move again. Go to the store. Then to the fountain. Finally, go to the right of the store, where four Chocobos are grouped together. Open the treasure orb that appears for a Star Pendant accessory. Then move to the next story marker.

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    Nautilus Mall

    Final Fantasy XIII: The Nautilus Mall. A cutscene will play and you'll then be placed in a different area where there are enemies to fight. First, save your game and tackle the nearest group of enemies, then move ahead following the mini-map arrow. On the way, you'll find a treasure orb containing a Spica Defenders weapon for Sazh. I wouldn't recommend equipping it unless you plan on having Sazh use magic based attacks. The only bonus for it is it'll increase the duration of your offensive buffs.

    When the paths diverge so that you have multiple choices of where to go before taking the main path, go north first for an orb containing a Guardian Amulet accessory. Next, take the path where the save-point is and go straight on. Open the treasure orb for a Healer's Staff weapon for Vanilla. Now backtrack to the save-point and save, then move to the story market if you wish. The reason I say if you wish is because the Zwerg Metrodroids you fought give good CP. So, you can farm them. If you want to hurry their respawn, try saving and reloading. Repeat the process until you're ready.

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    Midlight Reaper

    Final Fantasy XIII: Midlight Reaper. After moving to the next story marker, you'll be faced with a boss fight against an opponent called Midlight Reaper. Before doing anything, make sure you switch Sazh to the Synergist role so he can buff himself and Vanilla. Haste is most important. This boss can also poison Vanilla and Sazh. Use Libra on it after buffing. You'll find that the boss is susceptible to Imperil and he can also be poisoned and it has quite a few elemental weaknesses which is quite handy. So now that you know what weaknesses it has, switch Sazh back to the Synergist role if you changed his role for him to be able to give his and Vanilla's attacks elemental properties. When the Midlight Reaper's health bar has been lowered a lot, it will use a move called Rail Gun. The move is very powerful, so be prepared to heal the damage. After beating on the boss following that move, it should soon fall.

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    Following the cutscene after defeating Midlight Reaper, there's only one more boss fight left before the end of the chapter, so Chapter 8 is quite short in comparison to Chapter 7. The fight is also one that was pretty troublesome at first.

    Final Fantasy XIII: Brynhildr Eidolon fight. When you gain control of Sazh, move to the story marker.and watch the cutscene. During the cutscene, an Eidolon will appear and you will be forced to fight it, with the fight using the same Gestalt Gauge system as the other Eidolon fights have. The Eidolon is called Brynhildr. Now then, the first thing you absolutely need to do is switch Sazh to the Synergist role so he can cast Haste. Then, you need to fill the chain gauge as quickly as you can to fill the Gestalt Gauge. So, keep the chain alive by using the Commando every so often, heal and for the majority of the time, use two Ravagers. It'll probably be a close call, as I had a count of 67 left on the Doom timer before I failed.

    After this fight, the chapter is over.

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