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Guide to Chapter 10 of Final Fantasy XIII

by: Rob Kentworth ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In the opening stages of Chapter 10, you unlock all the roles for the characters. Here we provide details on where to go and where the treasure orbs can be found, as well as details on how to beat Cid Raines and Bahamut.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 10 - The Fifth Ark

    Final Fantasy XIII: The Fifth Ark - Upper Traverse. When you gain control of Lightning, move ahead and save your game. Then move ahead following the mini-map arrow. There's no fighting here that you need to concern yourself with, though you can talk to the characters if you wish. Say yes when asked if you wish to continue into the ruins. Save your game after the cutscene and carry on.

    Another cutscene will play and you'll be forced into a fight following it against Pulsework Knights. Defeat them and you'll unlock all of the roles for each character, though they probably won't be as strong in the newly gained roles as they are in the first three they could access. For example, Lightning will probably never be a great Sentinel. Also, after the fight, don't forget that you can change your party members. I settled on using the same party I had when I defeated Barthandelus. That being: Lightning, Sazh and Hope.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 10 - Concealed Vestige

    When you gain control again, there's no need to move backwards unless you wish to grind for loot and CP (both very helpful at this stage of the game, especially for one of the bosses in the chapter) or save your game. If you don't, head straight on and open the orb where the first batch of enemies are for a Hero's Amulet. Move on then. When you come to a crossroads, don't follow the mini-map arrow. Instead, go left for an orb containing eight Bomb Shells.

    Then continue following the mini-map directions and save your game when you come to the next save-point.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 10 - Vestibular Hold

    Final Fantasy XIII: Vestibular Hold. Move ahead after saving and you'll encounter some slug like enemies at the bottom of the stairs. Defeat them and then go in the opposite direction of where the mini-map arrow is pointing for an orb containing a Saint's Amulet. Then follow the mini-map directions. When you have a choice of multiple paths, head right leaping up the platforms and open the orb there for ten Vials of Medicinal Oil. Then continue on.

    When you come to the next save-point, open the orb directly opposite it (southwards when you face north) for a Rainbow Anklet.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 10 - Lower Traverse

    Final Fantasy XIII: Lower Traverse. Save your game and move ahead through the doors, following the mini-map arrow. When you come to the next save-point, save and continue moving forwards. After the cutscene, some of those creatures in the room start moving when you approach the central area. When you engage them, it's important you destroy the sword whenever it appears as soon as possible. Open the orb in the room for a pair of Rigels, a weapon for Sazh. Then move on, following the mini-map arrow.

    You'll come to a lift, use it and when it stops, save your game.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 10 - Inner Conduit

    Final Fantasy XIII: Inner Conduit. Open the orb in the area for a Auric Amulet before following the mini-map arrow again. However, I'd recommend fighting every enemy you can. When you come to a jumping section, open the orb there for a Alicanto weapon for Hope. It's recommended you clear the platforms with a lot of slugs/Noctilucale on also. There's another orb on one of them with seven Gargantuan Claws.

    Continue then and you'll move down a corridor with Behemoths guarding it. You'll come to a room eventually. Open the orb there for a Metal Armband. Then save your game. Now you want to organise your party for a boss fight and a tough one at that.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 10 - Paradgims for the Upcoming Boss Fight

    The boss is susceptible to slow, but as I couldn't have a group that had two Medics, a person with Slow and a person with Haste, I didn't bother using a Saboteur. Instead, my Paradgim setup was as follows:

    1) All for One. (default)

    Lightning: Commando. Sazh: Synergist. Hope: Synergist.

    2) Relentless Assault.

    Lightning: Commando. Sazh: Ravager. Hope: Ravager.

    3) Convalescence.

    Lightning: Medic. Sazh: Synergist. Hope: Medic.

    4) Discretion.

    Lightning: Medic. Sazh: Commando. Hope: Medic.

    5) Hero's Charge.

    Lightning: Commando. Sazh: Synergist. Hope: Medic.

    6) Diversity.

    Lightning: Commando. Sazh: Ravager. Hope: Medic.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 10 - Cid Raines

    Okay, Cid is really quite hard to beat. Firstly, wait until you've at least got Haste on all of your characters before switching to Discretion or Diversity. Then when you've healed, feel free to go back to the All for One Paradgim to continue buffing. After that, alternate between the Diversity and Relentless Assault Paradgims to heal up and build up the chain gauge to stagger the boss.
    When he uses Guard, he'll be in defensive mode and when he uses Offensive Shift, he'll start to attack. So, use that to plan accordingly. When he uses the Metamorphese ability, he'll change into a more powerful form and he'll use Seraphic ray which wipes all of your buffs (he normally uses it after Guarding). So as soon as that appears, switch to the Convalescence Paradgim so that you can heal and also have Haste cast on characters. Then, if you've still not healed properly, switch to Discretion so that you can keep the chain building. Then, carry on buffing with the All for One Paradgim. When he has less than 10k health left, he should cast Doom and you need to beat him before the timer reaches zero.
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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 10 - Central Conflux

    Final Fantasy XIII: Central Conflux. After beating Cid, move on and save. Then activate the lift. You'll be attacked, so fight the enemies off. Proceed on following the mini-map arrow once the lift stops. A bit further on, you can either go left or straight on. I'd recommend taking the 'straight ahead' route. Save your game at the next save-point.

    Continue on and a cutscene will play. You can either avoid the enemies or fight them. I'd recommend fighting them for the CP, but either way, carry on following the mini-map arrow. Don't forget to open the orb down one of the corridors either. It contains a Feymark weapon for Snow.

    When you near the story marker, take the left route first into a chamber. The doors will shut on you and a Berserker will charge you. Defeat it and open the orb for three Electrodes. Then move to the story marker and save your game.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 10 - Bahamut

    Final Fantasy XIII: Bahamut. Activate the lift and fight the enemies that drop down. Move ahead when it stops and save. Then proceed forward and save your game at the next save-point. Move to the marker and open the door, making a cutscene play that forces you into a battle with a boss. The boss is called Bahamut and it is another of the Eidolon battles where you need to fill the Gestalt Gauge.

    What you want to do here is switch to a Paradgim that allows you to cast Slow on Bahamut and then try to build chains with offensive roles. Use the Sentinel and two Medic Paradgim whenever you're in trouble though. It's also most important to keep Bahamut slowed as he causes a lot of damage.

    I completed this fight with the timer having a count of about 430 left. So you shouldn't be too tight for time in this fight. With this fight beaten, the chapter comes to a close after moving ahead a bit.

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