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Final Fantasy XIII Walk through: Chapter 2

by: Rob Kentworth ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This guide covers the second chapter of Final Fantasy XIII. It contains the locations of orbs that have treasure for you to gain and it also details boss fights, along with giving directions on where to go.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 2 - The Pulse Vestige: Vanilla

    Final Fantasy XIII: Opening map for Pulse Vestige in Chapter 2. For the first time, you'll now be in control of Vanilla. Beat the easy fight that occurs and when you can move around, the area itself is a bit non-linear. Yet that doesn't mean it's non-linear in the traditional sense. As you can see from the map, it's still relatively linear, but there are a few optional paths that you can take. Also, before moving onto the walkthrough, you can find an article on upgrading items here: Final fantasy XIII Upgrade Guide.

    Firstly, if you look at the image provided, there's a path north of where you stand. Take it and open the orb there for thirty Gil. Go back and save your game, then take the stairs. Grab the item on the platform above the save point and defeat the enemies if you wish. Then take the stairs down, opposite the other staircase. Open the orb here for an Iron Bangle, then jump onto the platform that has the destination marker. Kill the enemies that appear and walk to the marker.

    After the cutscene, you have control of Snow again. Instead of moving straight ahead and saving, move backwards and open the orb for two potions. Then save the game and go north to the destination marker, defeating the enemies on the way. Activate the lift.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 2 - The Pulse Vestige: Lightning

    Final Fantasy XIII: The Pulse Vestige (look at the mini-map). 

    You'll now have control of Lightning. First, save the game up ahead. Three enemies will charge down the stairs, so defeat them and follow the path. When you reach the platform, defeat the enemies and open the orb for a tuft of Phoenix Down. Then take the next set of stairs and defeat the Myrmidon by doing what you did in Chapter 1, by keeping up a constant barrage of assaults and being ready to heal Lightning if there's a need.

    On the next platform, open the orb for a Gladius. Equip it on Lightning and carry on moving up. Defeat the Pantheron before the Myrmidon. The new weapon should help you deal more damage. After that, you're free to move to the destination marker.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 2 - The Pulse Vestige: Vanilla and Snow

    Move straight ahead and defeat the enemies. Activate the object where the destination marker is. Take the lift that just arrived. Again, control will switch to Vanilla. Ignore the first batch of enemies and take the stairs. Go to the right first and open the orb there for an item called Fortisol. Then take the left path. Save the game and open the next orb just ahead for a hundred Gil and then head straight on to the next destination marker. Snow will join Vanilla and Hope, with you controlling him now as you battle some more enemies. They're not hard either with a three character party.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 2 - The Pulse Vestige: Lightning

    Final Fantasy XIII: Cie'th Ghouls in the Pulse Vestige. Again, control will switch to Lightning after the last battle. First, go to the left and open the orb. It contains a Power Wristband. Then begin to ascend the stairs, fighting the L'Cieth Ghouls. At the top, you'll face a Ghast. It's easy to beat like the other enemies. The only real difference is it can take a bit more of a pounding. After it falls, it's then possible to save your game again. Afterwards, proceed on.

    There's just a narrow stretch of path to go down in one direction here, with L'Cieth dotted around the area impeding your progress. So take them out. When you reach the Ghasts, focus on them one at a time or use Blitz if you think you'll hit them both. Also, be ready to use healing potions.

    After they've fallen, take the lift and walk to the next destination marker. A pretty significant cutscene will play. After it, you'll be in control of Lightning with a party of three. Defeat the enemies in the area and traverse the stairs. At the top, open the orb to the left for some potions, then save your game. Carry on then and you'll be thrust into a boss fight.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 2 - Anima boss fight

    Final Fantasy XIII: Anima boss fight. The boss battle is not hard, but it is the hardest fight yet. What makes it a boss battle is some of the boss' mechanics and the fact that it has a fair bit of health and deals decent damage. Now then, the boss has three parts that are attackable. It has two arms and a central body like area. Your first task is to take out each of the arms, called Manipulators. Then you can focus on the main part. When each of the arms are taken out, the boss won't attack. However, it's not too straight forward because the boss will regenerate its arms back, so you need to keep alternating between them and the body area. Other than that, just keep healing and doing what was mentioned and the boss should fall soon enough bringing you near the end of Chapter 2.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: A note on the last part of Chapter 2

    Note: The last bit of this chapter is dealt with in the next part of the walkthrough dealing with Chapter 3. I included them both together because the last five minutes or so of Chapter 2 takes place in Lake Breska, where all of Chapter 3 takes place in.

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