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Final Fantasy XIII - How To Defeat The Adamantoise Monster

by: Dabe ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Adamantoise is a hulking behemoth who can be battled on the surface of Gran Pulse in Final Fantasy XIII. With a huge number of health points and some lethal attacks, it is worth formulating some kind of strategy to take the monster out. This article serves as a guide to fighting Adamantoise.

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    Final Fantasy XIII - Adamantoise Boss Battle Guide

    During Final Fantasy XIII, Adamantoise is one of the many enemies that players will face when landing on the surface of Gran Pulse. In contrast to the bounty of other encountered monsters, mechanisms and human adversaries, Adamantoise has an outstanding wealth of health points and a huge physical array of attack. The hulking behemoth may be one of the most difficult enemies players can face on Gran Pulse, but there are ways to successfully take on and overcome the much larger foe. This article will serve as a guide to the Final Fantasy XIII Adamantoise monster and try to provide details on its attacks, health, weaknesses and an eventual strategy to defeating it.

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    The Key To Winning A Final Fantasy 13 Adamantoise Encounter

    Adamantoise 001 Clocking a rating of over 11,000 in physical strength and a healthy 5,916 in magical ability, the Final Fantasy XIII Adamantoise can damage your party from the onset of battle. These numbers overshadow many of the game’s open world foes as well as some of the latter stage bosses insofar as their potential damage rating. Furthermore, the staggering 5,343,000 HP of Adamantoise is more than double of enemies like Neochu or Juggernaut. It’s chain resistance is 100% and with a stagger limit of 500% there is an almost impossible chance of staggering the behemoth. It should be noted that Adamantoise is immune to pre-emptive strikes also.

    In addition to this set of statistics, Adamantoise resists every elemental, physical or magical damage to a degree as well showing immunity to nearly all status ailments a chosen Saboteur can inflict upon it. It can be debuffed with both Curse and Provoke however, although these only have around a 30% chance of hitting. Adamantoise is susceptible to Death and this spell can be used by Vanilla to try and vanquish the foe in one hit. The strategy for using Death revolves around spamming the spell while debuffing the enemy and buffing allies in your party. Furthermore, increasing the chain gauge and equipping Vanilla’s Malboro Wand are integral to raising the chances of Death working.

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    Final Fantasy XIII Adamantoise Paradigm Strategy

    Adamantoise 002 The most common strategy -- and one that isn’t predicate to casting a low-percentage spell on the enemy -- revolves around having a fully levelled party in their respective default jobs. As, in Final Fantasy XIII, Adamantoise has only two abilities and neither inflict or debuff status ailments given to your party, there is the opportunity to start with a SYN/SYN/SYN paradigm. A round of buffs (Haste, Bravera et al) will allow a paradigm shift based around staggering the legs on Adamantoise. A paradigm of SAB/RAV/RAV works fine for this task. Keep doing this until the stagger meter laboriously reaches the 800% range and switch to a COM/COM/COM setup for maximum damage.

    This strategy can be repeated until the battle is finished. Furthermore, a MED/MED/COM or MED/SEN/SAB paradigm can be used after an Adamantoise stomp or quake attack. Equipping earth resistant items can take off damage dealt to your party as well as switching to a SEN/SEN/SEN paradigm when the Adamantoise legs begin to animate an attack. After the battle, players are rewarded with an impressive 40,000 CP to spend on levelling and two rare and valuable items can be dropped also. The first of these is a Platinum Ingot worth 150,000 gil while the second item is Trapezohedron, used to upgrade a weapon into it’s ultimate form.