Final Fantasy Vanille Character Profile

Final Fantasy Vanille Character Profile
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Introduction – Final Fantasy XIII Vanille

There is a lot more to Vanille than one would think. She used to be a simple villager in the land of Gran Pulse, the world underneath Cocoon which people fear so much.

During the War of Transgression, which happens 500 years before the events in the game, Vanille and her close friend Fang’s parents died from the ongoing war and they sought refuge in a small town called Oerba. Both her and Fang became l’Cie to protect Gran Pulse. As they were both about to destroy Cocoon, Vanille was too frightened to change into Ragnarok, which in turn left Fang not able to complete her Focus. They were both crystallized, only to wake up five hundred years later.

Vanille Joining the Team

Vanilla waking up next to Fang

Vanille, being awakened from her crystal statis in order to finish her Focus, did not know where she and Fang were. As she remembered, she told Fang they must make a few people Pulse l’Cie in order to defeat the ultimate Fal’Cie of Cocoon. Two of the people that they made l’Cie were Lightning’s sister Serah, and Sazh’s young son, Dajh. After this, they both went their separate ways after being caught by enemy soldiers. Vanille found her way deep in the heart of Cocoon and made friends with a young boy, Hope, who lost his mother during the Purge.

After meeting up with the rest of the party members after they fall through the Vestige, Vanille pretends to play along and state that she was just turned into a l’Cie, just like them. As they split up and try to find a good strategy to head to Eden, the government center of Cocoon, Vanille and Sazh venture alone into the Vile Peaks and the Sunleth Waterscape. As Sazh mentions more about himself to Vanille, she starts to found out that the young boy she changed into a l’Cie, was Sazh’s son.

Not wanting their close relationship to fall apart, the young red headed girl tries to keep it a secret in order to not hurt Sazh. This secret is finally told once they get held captive by PSICOM soldiers at the City of Dreams. After what the colonel Jihl tells Sazh, Vanille runs away not wanting to face the truth. Sazh goes after her, about to shot her, when he tells himself that shooting a kid wouldn’t solve anything. After they meet back up with the rest of the party, she rejoins with Fang and they both tell why they must turn into Ragnarok in order to save the world. Final Fantasy XIII Vanille is actually a stronger character than she looks. She is well fleshed out as she narrates the story and makes the game a bit refreshing from all the depression surrounding it.

Vanille in Battle

Vanilla closeup

Vanille acts as a mage in battle and she should definitely not be used as a commando or sentinel. Her weapon is a rod which can hasten magical spells and healing powers, so she is definitely a supporting character, which should not be the leader in a team. She is also the only character to acquire the skill Death at an early time, which can be mighty beneficial. She is well rounded and should be indeed tested out, with her max magic strength going up to 1,700.


Vanille is a character that people either love or love to hate. With her spunky demeanor, she may not win people over in the story, but she is a force not to be reckoned with when used in many tough battles.

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