Final Fantasy XIII - Hope Character Guide & Information

Final Fantasy XIII - Hope Character Guide & Information
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Final Fantasy XIII - Hope Estheim Character Guide

Although his name may be appropriated to the almost comical Hopu Esutohaimu in the Japanese language version of Final Fantasy XIII, Hope Estheim is one of the main party of six the player will use during the thirteen chapter long RPG. With a revenge plot propelling his motivation and a boiling hatred of his father fuelling his quest further, Hope is an angry and confused teenager. The angst of puberty may be the reason for his petulance, but the characters around him don’t seem to help too much in dissuading his vengeance. This article focuses on the Final Fantasy XIII Hope character, with some information on his plight also.

Final Fantasy XIII - Hope In Anguish

Hope 002

While his adolescent nature may be part of the reason for his eagerness in claiming revenge – on Snow Villiers – it could be claimed that the cumulative nature of harrowing events surrounding him would also produce such a misplaced notion. Firstly, he doesn’t get along with his father Bartholomew Estheim, he finds himself being a part of the Purge due to unfortunate circumstance after taking a holiday to Bodhum with his mother and he witnesses her fall from the grasp of Snow to her death during the NORA led resistance effort in Hanging Edge. Now, couple this with his already teenage behaviour and it’s no wonder he wants to avenge something.

In Final Fantasy XIII, Hope is fourteen years of age, only 5‘0“ tall and for much of the early part of the game he struggles with the concept of battle and fighting enemies. Although the game doesn’t exactly reinforce his distaste of encounters, the cutscenes of the game make sure you realise he’s quite tepid in comparison to the battle-hardy Lightning or even Vanilla. While this may be the case initially – with Hope recognising his cowardice during chapter one – he grows in stature when fighting alongside Lightning, as she inadvertently reinforces his idea of getting revenge on Snow for killing (in his mind at least) his mother.

Final Fantasy XIII - Hope Matures

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His growing ressentiment to Snow isn’t mitigated during the early parts of the game, when the two are actually in the same collective group, travelling the icy tundra of Lake Bresha. For several in-game hours, his courage is stifled, as he maintains his distance and angst ridden deliberation on whether to confront him or not. It is not until Lightning and Hope reach the boy’s home town of Palumpolum does the confrontation take place. After Snow and the mysterious Fang link up with the two party members, Hope decides to enact what he termed “Operation Nora” as his ultimate revenge against Snow, by trying to stab the blond haired “hero”.

Upon failing and subsequently being saved by Snow in the ensuing fracas, Snow and Hope settle their dispute and continue on through Palumpolum. By this point in the timeline of Final Fantasy XIII, Hope has nearly vanquished all his inner-demons or tried to cauterise some of the anguish he is feeling. However, one obstacle still remains for the erstwhile youngster, as his father is still a resident of the city and is found in Felix Heights. Perhaps after relinquishing his pain over his mothers death and quelling the vengeance he wanted to take out on Snow, Hope repairs his relationship with Bartholomew before departing on the Cid Raines commanded skyship Lindblum.

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