A List of The Final Fantasy XIII Girls

A List of The Final Fantasy XIII Girls
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Lightning - Most Recognisable of The Final Fantasy XIII Girls

The focal point of the Final Fantasy XIII girls and narrative if there was a particular character to choose. Serah & Snow confound Lightning’s terse and often times taciturn character from the early flashbacks of the game. Before the Vestige incident, she is visibly upset at their proposal to marry each other, as Lightning doesn’t think highly of Snow. During the events of the Purge in Hanging Edge, her sister is turned to crystal after finishing her l’Cie branded focus while the hapless Lightning and Snow look on. From there, her direction – after being branded a l’Cie herself – leads to fighting Sanctum and ultimately taking down Eden, the Cocoon fal’Cie who controls the world.

Oerba Dia Vanilla - Youngest of The Final Fantasy XIII Girls

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Vanilla is the second of the Final Fantasy XIII girls to become a party member and controllable by the player. She is a flagrant fifteen year old who constantly tries to encourage and cheer her fellow companions on, even during times of conflict and ugly revelations. After helping Hope to seek out Snow in the Pulse Vestige, she becomes embroiled in the events of the game, travelling with Sazh to the Nautilus Amusement park and eventually meeting back up with Snow, Lightning, Hope and her fellow Gran Pulse resident Fang. She wields a staff and can become the only party member to cast Death on opponents when equipping the Malboro Wand.

Oerba Yun Fang - Renegade Pulse Resident & Amnesiac

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Fang is a Gran Pulse resident who was branded with the l’Cie tattoo prior to her first appearance in the game itself. On the frozen shores of Lake Bresha, she makes her entrance as part of a Sanctum task force sent to stop the new l’Cie branded citizens of Cocoon. After capturing Snow – who tried to save the crystal form of his fiancee Serah – she coerces him into helping her & Cid Raines find the other four outlaws. He reluctantly agrees and they try to accost Lightning & Hope on the streets of Palumpolum. Instead they save the pair from a Sanctum attack and subsequently join the party to face off against the threat of being purged.

Best of The Rest Final Fantasy XIII Girls

Serah Farron

Serah is Lightning’s sister and fiancee to Snow Villiers. Unfortunately for her, she was branded as a Pulse l’Cie in the Vestige of Bodhum and finds herself at the forefront of the Sanctum ordered Purge. She turns into a crystal after supposedly completing her l’Cie given focus, mainly featuring in flashbacks throughout the game’s cutscenes thereafter.


Lebreau is one of the ancillary Final Fantasy XIII girls in the game. She appears as a member of NORA and a childhood friend to both Snow & Gadot. She owns a seaside bar in Bodhum and fights against the Purge in the opening chapter of the game, set in Hanging Edge.

Nora Estheim

The mother of Hope, Nora plays the smallest part of the Final Fantasy XIII girls in the game. After taking a vacation with her son to Bodhum, they become embroiled in the Sanctum sanctioned Purge and are taken to Hanging Edge to be executed. She leaves her son to take arms against the enemy, where she is killed in the conflict. Hope witnesses the death of his mother and blames Snow for her demise.

Jihl Nabaat

An enemy to the player party, Jihl is an officer of the PSICOM forces and leads a plot to solve the l’Cie problem, by eradicating them completely. She initially appears as a supervisor to Dajh Katzroy (Sazh’s son) research and testing, being kind to the boy. This is a ruse however, as she is mean spirited and used Dajh for his l’Cie abilities. She kidnaps both Sazh & Vanilla during chapter 8, only for the plan to backfire when a rogue Barthandelus kills her.

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