Final Fantasy XIII - Lionheart Weapon Guide & How To Obtain It

Final Fantasy XIII - Lionheart Weapon Guide & How To Obtain It
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Final Fantasy XIII, Lionheart Weapon Overview

In Final Fantasy XIII, Lionheart as a name holds significance to veteran fans of the series as well as main character Lightning. Firstly, players of previous entries into the Final Fantasy pantheon may recognise the Lionheart name, as it is used in both the eighth and tenth installments of the franchise. While appearing as Squall’s ultima weapon in VIII, it is relegated to powerful yet lacking weapon for Tidus during the events of Final Fantasy X. The Lionheart makes a return to the series in XIII as one of Lightning’s gunblade choices. This article will provide a guide on how to obtain the weapon named, in Final Fantasy 13, Lion heart.

Final Fantasy 13 - Lion Heart Ultimate Weapon

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For the first 10 chapters in Final Fantasy XIII, players will notice a set path and unfamiliar or obvious linearity to the progression of the story, narrative and especially the gameplay. It has been documented that the game world opens up to the player during the course of chapter 11 of the story. Being able to explore a larger area than previously may come too late for some, with only three more chapters left to complete after the transition into open world gameplay, but the essence of terrain movement and RPG gaming is still there. After completing the longest and perhaps most expansive chapter in number 11, players will be on Eden, ready to take on the Sanctum at it’s heart.

It is at the beginning of this chapter 12 that players can finally purchase the Final Fantasy XIII Lionheart weapon for Lightning. After watching the cutscene to begin the chapter and subsequently dispensing with an Anavatapta Warmech in a relatively tough battle, players are rewarded with the Sanctum Labs key item and the ability to shop at twelve different digital storefronts. Now, the Lionheart is available at Plautus’s Workshop and can be found underneath the Axis Blade and Lifesaber. It will set the players back a handsome but inexpensive 28,000 gil to purchase, allowing Lightning to instantly equip it thereafter.

How To Upgrade The Final Fantasy XIII Lionheart Weapon

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This purchase would be rather unfortunate if players were not aware that a treasure sphere contains the weapon only meters from the save point where it can be newly purchased. Upon gaining control of Lightning, players are next to a save point in Eden’s Grand Prix Circuit. After battling through several enemies the player will encounter two spheres which open not only the Final Fantasy 13 Lion heart weapon but also 9,240 gil. So, instead of diving headlong into the new merchandise on offer in the shop menu, move forward and defeat three enemy sets to find the weapon in the field free of charge.

In Final Fantasy XIII, Lionheart is a tier 1 weapon. This means it has two upgraded forms the player can enact when they have the necessary items. To upgrade the Lionheart, players will need to use Scarletite on it while having reached level 15 with the weapon also. In order to get to the Omega Weapon level (tier 3) of the weapon, players will have to upgrade it to level 35 as well as using the rare Trapezohedron item. Initially the Lionheart has low statistics, with a default 68 value for both strength and magic. To offset this however, the special Quick Stagger ability affords players the chance to stagger enemies instantly when 90% of their chain gauge has been filled.

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