Final Fantasy XIII - Ultimate Weapons Guide

Final Fantasy XIII - Ultimate Weapons Guide
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A List of Final Fantasy 13 Ultimatwe Weapons

For Final Fantasy XIII, ultimate weapons the in-game characters can wield take a departure from series forbears and predecessors. Instead of trying to obtain the Ultima or Celestial weapon of choice for each of the game’s party members, the Final Fantasy XIII best weapons come through utilisation of the convoluted and rewarding upgrade system. With each weapon having two further tiers for improvement through upgrades, there is plenty of room for customisation and weapon equipping strategy. This article focuses on the Final Fantasy XIII ultimate weapons the player can eventually use later in the game, after upgrading their older weapons via transmuting them with select and often rare components.

Lightning, like all six characters of the game, has the option of obtaining her ultimate weapon in various different ways. There are eight different default weapons that can be upgraded to the status of Omega Weapon. Of the eight, Galdius & Blazefire Saber yield the greatest minimum strength or magic statistics when upgraded. However, both the Lionheart and Hauteclaire versions of the Omega Weapon provide the user with two useful abilities, the Stagger Lock and Quick Stagger. Each of the eight different versions of Omega Weapon can be levelled to 100 and will allow for some devastating default attacks, regardless of eventual upgrade choice.

What Are The Final Fantasy XIII Best Weapons?

Hope uses a Boomerang as his weapon of choice and the ultimate form for his weapons are named Nue. Upgrading Vidofnir will provide a large cap on magical strength as well as provide an extra ATB slot and Defense Maintenance II for longer buff duration. Vanilla uses a wand or staff in battle and her ultimate weapon form is named Nirvana. Upgrading the Pearlwing Staff is perhaps the best option for using magic, as it gives out an extra ATB slot, however the most practical during many later boss battles is found by upgrading the Belladonna Wand. With it’s improved debuffing skills, enemies can become a lot easier.

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Sazh wields a pair of pistols by default and although he can upgrade to an assault rifle with certain weapons, his Final Fantasy XIII best weapons are known as Total Eclipses and come in the form of the aforementioned dual pistols. Like Lightning, there are eight different weapons that Sazh can upgrade into the Total Eclipses with each having their own set of statistics and different passive and synthesised abilities when created. For the best balance between both magic and physical damage, the upgraded Deneb Duelers are probably the best choice, although their passive ability is Stagger Lock, which isn’t too advantageous.

The Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Weapons Guide

Unlike the other characters, Snow uses his fists and wears different overalls to change his statistics, which are known in-game as coats. His Final Fantasy XIII ultimate weapons name is Save the Queen and once again their are eight different choices for the player to select when upgrading into it. The Sacrificial Tiger coat has the highest physical damage plateau but reduces maximum HP by 40% with the passive Silk Tiger ability. A Better option may be to upgrade the Power Circle or Unsetting Sun coats, as they add an extra ATB slot for Snow to use in battle. Umbra isn’t a bad choice either.

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Lastly, Fang uses spears as her main weapon and the ultimate form is named Kain’s Lance. For a solely physical attacking Fang, an upgraded Dragoon Lance will provide the player with the highest strength rating found in any of the Kain’s Lance variants. In contrast to this, with the passive ability Hindrance ruining any physical attack you may want to use, an upgraded Shamanic Spear will provide the highest magical rating in any of the variants. For a more balanced approach, players can upgrade either the Pandoran Spear or the Gae Bolg, both of which offer useful passive abilities while also keeping a similar magical/physical strength rating.

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