Final Fantasy XIII Odin Guide - How To Obtain Lightning's Eidolon

Final Fantasy XIII Odin Guide - How To Obtain Lightning's Eidolon
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Final Fantasy 13 - Odin Guide

In Final Fantasy XII, Odin is one of the primary Eidolons (or summons for those familiar with the series) that the player can use during battle. Unlike other titles in the titular series, only one character can use a specific Eidolon throughout the story and contents of the game. In Final Fantasy 13, Odin is main character Lightning’s own summon and it cannot be used by anyone other than her. This article serves as a Final Fantasy 13 Odin guide on how to complete the boss battle in the allotted time and subsequently use the obtained Eidolon in future encounters.

Final Fantasy XIII - Odin Gestalt Battle Guide

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The Final Fantasy 13 Odin variant – as he has appeared in several earlier games in the series – can be obtained towards the end of chapter 4. In it, Lightning and Hope are confronted by the mystical beast after Light (as she prefers to be called) tries to ditch Hope in an effort to both shield him from the horrors that face her as well as alleviating the not-so-battle-hardy youngster. With Lightning having these feelings and trying to abandon him, Odin appears and seeks to kill Hope, for he is seen as a threat to Lightning’s destiny/path towards facing the Sanctum army and the Cocoon fal’Cie known as Eden.

As with other Gestalt battles in Final Fantasy XIII, Odin has infinite health and cannot be killed but instead tamed and controlled thereafter. In addition to this, the Eidolon in these Gestalt battles will instantly cast Doom on the player, thus limiting the time they have to defeat or cull its attack. To fill this Gestalt meter, ultimately being able to wield and subsequently summon the beast, players must do a specific task to appease the Eidolon. While the Shiva twins Gestalt meter fills when Snow is a shielding Sentinel or directly attacking them, Odin has a few more nuances in its battle.

Defeating The Final Fantasy 13 Odin Eidolon

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In the Chapter four Gestalt boss battle during Final Fantasy XIII, Odin will yield to those who achieve high chain bonuses as well as party members who heal the wounded. Firstly, casting Shell & Protect is a great way to deflect some of Odin’s more devastating attacks. Start out with Hope as a Synergist, casting these buffs to begin the battle. While this is happening, have Lightning as a Medic, healing in-case Odin begins to take large amounts of health away from the party. After the buffs are set, switching to two medics can increase the Gestalt meter relatively quickly, as Odin will continually hit with area-of-effect attacks.

During the battle, Odin will change its stance to a defensive one, allowing the chaining of attacks on it. When it enacts “Ullr’s Shield”, switch to a dual-ravager paradigm and chain attacks together until Odin is back in an offensive position. With the alternating method of healing and chaining, the Final Fantasy XIII Odin battle shouldn’t be too difficult to complete. The timer for Doom shouldn’t reach zero and the battle can be done within the imposed time limit. Granted, this entire battle will be made far easier if your characters have maxed out their Crystarium at that point of the game and are well-equipped with a couple of iron or silver bangles.

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