Easy Final Fantasy XIII Gil Guide to Making Lots of Money

Easy Final Fantasy XIII Gil Guide to Making Lots of Money
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Reached that last boss, and now desperately in need of a nice Omega Weapon or two, but can’t afford it? Money makes the world turn round, and the fantasy realms of Square’s Final Fantasy XIII are no different. We’ll take a look at ways you can quickly make some cash from unwanted but surprisingly valuable components and some missions that you can farm for seriously easy gil.

Sell, Sell, Sell!

RPG players tend to be hoarders. It can be hard parting with any of your precious loot, but, let’s face it, you’re never going to use some of the crummier components. If you can force yourself to part with them though, you’d be surprised by what you can get.

Take a long hard look at your components, and decide on the ones that simply aren’t that useful. Anything that gives a less than 20 points upgrade is a good candidate. Now sell them, and watch the money roll in. Remember the Moogle Doll with its rubbish one point upgrade? That little item can go for up to 60,000 gil. Never start breaking items down, though, to sell off.

Farm the Grunts

About to fight the Air Tank outside Hope’s house? Hold your horses, there’s a shedload of easy gil to be made first. When you’re inside Hope’s place, you’ll be confronted by some cannon fodder Psi-Grunts. Easy to kill, and, for some reason, blessed with capacity to consistently drop Incentive Chips - that sell for 2,500 gil a pop. Even better, they keep respawning every time you have a run round the house, so farm these guys to your heart’s content to build up your bank balance. Remember to keep away from red circle, though, until you’ve finished riding the Psi-Grunt gravy train.

Mission 24 - A Potent Sting

Mission 24 - Final Fantasy XIII Easy Gil

Moonblossom Seeds are nice. They’re worth 6,000 gil each for one thing. In Final Fantasy XIII, Moonblossom Seeds are something a player can’t get enough of. Thankfully, Square saw fit to provide us with a mission that we can continually farm for these lovely seeds.

Mission 24, A Potent Sting, can be found on the fifth tier of Taejin’s Tower, and unlocks once you’ve completed missions 21-23. The fantastic thing with this mission is that the monster appears all of 5 meters away from its trigger point. Boy, does he like to drop Moonblossom Seeds - up to six at a a time. Farm this mission for an hour and your pockets will be bursting with easy gil.


These tips alone should help you quickly stockpile some serious Final Fantasy XIII easy gil, but it always worth looking out for more. The game won’t throw money at you, so you need to always be on the lookout for ways to cash in. Then, when its time to once more save the universe, you can be sure that you are sporting only the very best in boss-kicking gear.