Best Final Fantasy XIII Characters to Use in the Party

Best Final Fantasy XIII Characters to Use in the Party
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Introduction - Best Final Fantasy XIII Characters

Final Fantasy XIII characters are all unique in their own way. They all certain skills and uses that make it tough to pick the three best characters to use in the late chapters of the game, without opting out for a different character. There are two balanced characters, two mages, and two powerhouses, picking one of each is the best strategy to go along with. Here are the three top characters that make you go through the final chapters of the game in a breeze.


Not only is she the main character in the game, but she is the most balanced as well. Her stats in strength and defense are equal, without taking too much damage as the mage characters. The same goes for her HP, it may not top Snow’s but its an adequate amount, especially when using HP increasing accessories. She should be used as a commando, a ravager, and a medic, so make sure she has these three setups available. It’s a good idea to control her and make her the leader, since she can do a lot of chain damage this way, especially if the enemy is staggered.

To make her the best she can be, make sure she gets the skill Army of One, which can dish out some major damage to any staggered enemy. She needs her commando, ravager, and medic skills as maxed out as possible. Its best to keep upgrading her weapons as well, using Lionhart is probably her best reasonable weapon in the game. Give her the strength accessory, as well as aurora scarf to keep her speed up. Lightning is definitely recommended to use over Sazh, since his strength is not as high and his defense is slightly lower when maxed out.


Fang in FFXIII

Most fans will agree that Fang is no doubt the strongest character in the game and she is much preferred to use over Snow as a powerhouse. Snow may have the best hit point stats but his strength is nothing compared to Fang, who can also do a deadly combo. She works the best as a commando, saboteur, and sentinel, keeping in mind that being a commando should be used the most. As a saboteur, she can cast spells that will decrease an enemy’s strength, defense, and speed which is most useful during grudging boss battles. She is not that great as a medic, but she can moderately well as a ravager, so test it with one setup as commando, saboteur, and ravager.

Giving her the Genji glove, an auto brave accessory and a champion’s badge will make her a force not to reckoned with.


Hope in FFXIII

Out of all the Final Fantasy XIII characters, Hope has the best magical stats and is no doubt the fastest healer. He is the best medic in the game as well as a slightly better ravager than Vanilla. His set up should be ravager, medic, and synergist. As a synergist, Hope is the only character in the game that gets the spell Haste sooner than everyone else, which makes this a great advantage. Hope using this spell on both Lightning and Fang will cause them to deal out some major combos, and Hope himself can heal them faster this way. He should not be used as a leader character however, since he is solely there for dishing magic damage and as a support character.

Hope works best with the weapon Hawkeye, which has an improved accuracy. Give him an HP boost and a royal armlet to fix up his low hit points, the only downfall he has.


Lightning, Fang, and Hope honestly are the best Final Fantasy XIII characters to use. This is the most balanced team that has one strong mage, a no holds barred commando, and a fighter that has even stats. If you want to make the most out of the game, picking this team with the appropriate set ups is the way to go.

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