Final Fantasy XIII - Bathandelus On Palamecia Boss Battle Guide

Final Fantasy XIII - Bathandelus On Palamecia Boss Battle Guide
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Final Fantasy XIII - Barthandelus Boss Battles

In Final Fantasy XIII, Barthandelus is a Fal’Cie and enemy to the player party encountered on three separate occasions over the course of the 13 chapter long adventure. The hulking Fal’Cie changes through the three battles, with an ever improving array of attack, increasing health points and upgraded aesthetics. Initially residing on the Sanctum’s airship Palamecia, Barthandelus requires some tactical nous in order to defeat it effectively. This article will primarily focus on the first of these three fights with the Fal’Cie, trying to provide a guide to the Final Fantasy XIII Barthandelus on Palamecia boss battle.

The first incarnation of Barthandelus is equipped with four separate pieces of armor, each raising its physical resistance against your party’s attacks. Although its strength and magic ratings aren’t too high, the 462,000 health points it has takes some modicum of effort & time to defeat. In addition to this seeming lack of deadliness, the Destrudo ability can hit party members up to twenty times, dealing relatively high damage. Barthandelus is immune to all status ailments (including Death, which works on non-event battle foes of similar difficulty) and resists all elemental types when outside its four armor adornments.

Final Fantasy XIII - Barthandelus On Palamecia Guide

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Each piece of armor has 50,400 HP and should be the first thing dispensed with when the battle begins. Instantly use Librascope, allowing you to chop away at the different elemental weaknesses the pieces of armor have, with vulnerabilities in Fire, Ice, Water & Thunder respectively. Attacking and staggering each piece can be accomplished with a COM/RAV/RAV to RAV/RAV/RAV paradigm shift, this will keep the stagger meter at a steadily rising pace. After the four adornments are defeated, it’s time to concentrate on Barthandelus, who is now susceptible to being staggered himself as well as having a reduced physical resistance to your party’s attacks.

Switch to any paradigm featuring a Saboteur (SAB/RAV/COM or SAB/RAV/RAV) and begin to cast both Imperil and Deshell on the target – whose status affinities change after the loss of armor. Once these two spells have been inflicted on the target, switch to a chain gauge raising paradigm such as COM/RAV/RAV or RAV/RAV/RAV. The Thanatosian Smile attack is the main worry for the first portion of the battle, with an area-of-effect blast coming from the enemies mouth. It deals around 500+ damage to each party member but acute and adroit use of potions or the Medic class can overcome this rather easily.

Surviving Bathandelus On Palamecia Fight

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When, in Final Fantasy XIII, Barthandelus readies itself to launch Destrudo, you will hear an audio cue lasting around 25 seconds before it finally attacks your party. If untouched, Barthandelus will hit all players with 20 projectiles, dealing massive and potentially fatal damage to several or all party members. To circumnavigate this, players should attack Barthandelus with a COM/COM/COM setup as soon as they are given the audio cue, to reduce the number of projectiles being shot at them when Destrudo is cast. After 20,000 HP of damage is dealt to Barthandelus, the player will face off against only six projectiles, potentially saving themselves.

Surviving Destrudo is key to victory in the Final Fantasy XIII Barthandelus on Palamecia boss battle. With this deadly ability culled, players can focus on staggering the foe and ending its attack. It may be attritional, but the battle shouldn’t take too long, especially if you can prevent the full force of Destrudo while also managing the four armor adornments quickly and effectively. Upon finding themselves victorious, players will receive a hefty (at that point in the game) 6,000 CP and a common drop of Aegisol in some cases. This boss battle will also end chapter 9 of the 13 in Final Fantasy XIII.

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