FFXIII - Mission 64 Guide To Defeating Vercingetorix

FFXIII - Mission 64 Guide To Defeating Vercingetorix
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FFXIII - Mission 64 Guide & Strategies

In Final Fantasy XIII, there are 64 separate missions that players can take on and complete during the eleventh in-game chapter. These can be found on Cie’th stones strewn throughout the locales of Gran Pulse, where the player will activate a couple of poetic allegories before beginning their hunt for a specific monster/mark. Often they will be close to the location of the Cie’th stone and can be battled upon discovering them. This article in particular focuses on the FFXIII mission 64, named The Doomherald, which forces the players into battling the terrifying and somewhat difficult Vercingetorix enemy. Read on for the full strategy guide to defeating the FFXIII Vercingetorix monster.

As part of the Undying, a collection of the most difficult Cie’th stone enemies, Vercingetorix is the final mission/mark that players need to defeat. Due to this, it has a massive amount of health and resistances to physical, elemental and spell damage. Vercingetorix has over 15 million health points and a rating above 4,000 for both strength and magic. It can only be fought after the final battle of Chapter 11 against a resurgent Barthandelus. The Cie’th stone is found at the battlefield of this encounter in Oerba, on the bridge, and players will notice that Vercingetorix is on the opposite end of Gran Pulse (making it the biggest hunt, traversal-wise).

The Problems That Vercingetorix Faces

In FFXIII, Vercingetorix is only available once missions 27-51 are completed and, as stated earlier, can only be fought after Chapter 12 has begun. After activating the mission via the Cie’th Stone in Oerba, Vercingetorix can be found in the Yaschas Massif - Paddreaen Archaeopolis area of the map. Upon defeating the creature, players will nab a Gold Watch, while repeat victories will dole out ten Bomb Cores to the player. While the monster starts the battle with two wings, as it takes damage and regresses health-wise, more wings will sprout, causing a greater number of hits when it decides to attack with the Wing Shear ability. This is in addition to a high chain resistance and stagger rating.

As far as strategem goes, there are many divergent ways in which to defeat the FFXIII Vercingetorix. Downing both Fortisol and Aegisol before the battle is a must, as is maxing out the selected party characters Crystarium up to that point in the game. Equipping items that either raise maximum health or reduce physical damage are also imperative before the fight. When choosing the party, make sure at least two of the characters can go Medic/Sentinel when required and that Synergists are also present when needed, for both Poison & Dispel usage if required. With this in mind, Lightning and Fang are a given when selecting the party, with the third slot being a toss up between either Hope or Vanille.

Paradigm Setup & Dealing With The Avian Enemy

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Beginning the battle with a SAB/SAB/SAB paradigm, players can try and make different de-buffs stick on the monster. Poison in particular is key, as it will slowly ebb away the huge health of Vercingetorix. Once this has been inflicted, switching to SEN/MED/MED or SEN/MED/SEN can keep the party from dying while Poison works its magic. Instead of simply waiting for Poison to fell your foe, players can switch between both COM/RAV/RAV and RAV/RAV/RAV to fill the 300% stagger meter of the boss. While hard to do, staggering the foe will net you a decent portion of damage against it, although Impenetrable Aura can wipe status ailments and make it invulnerable.

A second strategy and one that is perhaps easier to do, is to use Vanille and her ability to cast Poison on the foe, while her Eidolon Hecatoncheir attacks playing a factor thereafter. When summoned, the Eidolon can use up only one unit of attack and stall time while the Poison ebbs health away from Vercingetorix. When it uses the Impenetrable Aura ability, players should recast both Poison and Slow on the beast and try to wait it out until death. Lastly, switching to SEN/SEN/SEN should be a necessity whenever Wicked Whirl is being primed for use, as it can severely damage your party members and even kill them instantly.

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