Final Fantasy XIII

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    • Ultimate Guide to Final Fantasy 13
      Final Fantasy 13 is another in the long line of ridiculous high-budget fantasy titles from Square-Enix, and everything you've come to expect from a Final Fantasy is present. Except towns, but that's another story. For everything we know about the game, read this article and follow the links!
    • How To Upgrade Every Final Fantasy 13 Weapon
      The two main ways to power up your characters in Final Fantasy 13 are through the Crystarium and through the upgrade system. This guide will tell you how to upgrade the weapons for each character and, hopefully, get you the achievement in the process!
    • Final Fantasy XIII - The Doomherald (Mission 64 Guide to Defeating Vercingetorix)
      Vercingetorix is perhaps the toughest foe in Final Fantasy XIII. As the final Cie'th stone mission, it is replete with enough weapons to provide a stern test to even the most battle hardened players. This article provides a guide on how to defeat the avian creature successfully.
    • Final Fantasy XIII - How To Defeat Rakshasa
      Rakshasa is one of the easier mission based battles that players can take on during Final Fantasy XIII's later chapters. While its statistics and health may pale in comparison to later fights, it still holds some reticent challenge, which this article addresses. Read on for some strategies.
    • Final Fantasy XIII - Analysing The Importance of The Bravery Spell
      The Bravery spell is one of the most important attack oriented buffs that players can cast on other party members. This article looks into the spell itself as it relates to the thirteenth Final Fantasy installment. Read on for more information about what the Bravery spell does in FFXIII.
    • Final Fantasy XIII - Where To Find & How To Obtain Trapezohedron
      In Final Fantasy XIII, Trapezohedron is used by players as a catalyst and transformative element in creating each of the six main characters ultimate weapons. This article provides a guide to the item, detailing where to get it and how to use it effectively.
    • Final Fantasy XIII - Defeating Mithridates (Mission 27 Guide)
      Mithridates is a difficult enemy encounter that happens duringthe 27th Cie'th stone activated mission found in Final Fantasy XIII. This article provides a battle guide to defeating it during this fight, as well as information on its abilities etcetera.
    • Altered Gamer's Guide to Upgrading Everything in Final Fantasy 13
      The Treasure Hunter in Final Fantasy 13 requires you to have every weapon and accessory in the game. How do you do that? By upgrading your weapons and accessories into more powerful forms! This guide will show you all the items you need to upgrade for the achievement, and the best ways to do so.
    • Guide to Chapter 1 in Final Fantasy XIII
      In this walkthrough you will find directions to treasures and information on the bosses, as well as a general outline on where you need to go.
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