The Six Main Final Fantasy XIII Eidolons

The Six Main Final Fantasy XIII Eidolons
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Final Fantasy XIII Eidolons List & Information

The mechanical mysteries known as Eidolons are Final Fantasy XIII’s own interpretive and unique way of integrating the series trope of summons into the game. All previous twelve entries into the Final Fantasy mythos have contained some form of summoning – wherein monsters perform actions during battle that assist player characters and the current party – whether that’s through direct control or special attacks that can hit multiple enemies at a time. In Final Fantasy XIII, Eidolons share similarities with their predecessors summons, however they have various inventive departures from them, creating a unique new mechanic for players to familiarise themselves with. This article details some of the new things Eidolons bring to the Final Fantasy table.

Details On The Final Fantasy XIII Eidolons

During the events of Final Fantasy XIII, the six party members are branded as Pulse l’Cie, an outlaw cast of people given a specific mission (called focus in-game) by the god-like fal’Cie mechanisms. As such, the six chosen characters can wield and utilise the talents of a chosen Eidolon, one which represents their own nature or personality in some manor. After appearing however, the Eidolon needs to be tamed and bested in a unique kind of battle for them to be used thereafter. These event battles revolve around filling the Final Fantasy XIII Eidolons “Gestalt” gauge before acquiring it. To do this, players must perform specific actions during the battle, such as healing, chaining attacks or shielding themselves.

To fill the Gestalt gauge, players will need to address what the Eidolon is doing and how to react towards it. For instance, during the Odin event encounter, there are two different stances it will take that Lightning has to respond to. Firstly, Odin will attack the two party members in Hope & Lightning, allowing for both characters to heal themselves and raise the gauge by proxy of cure spells. Secondly, Odin will enact its shield posture, whereby players are tasked with attacking the Eidolon, thus raising the gauge further. The addition of a Eidolon-imposed countdown – by casting Doom at the beginning of the battle – creates a sense of urgency and a definitive time limit to the encounter.

Abilities & Affinities of The Final Fantasy XIII Eidolons

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There are six Final Fantasy XIII Eidolons that serve as summons for the main party characters. The first obtainable one of these is Shiva – the twin Shiva sisters known as Nix & Stiria to be more precise – which Snow battles on the frozen surface of Lake Bresha in chapter 3. The Shiva sisters focus their attacks on inflicting ice elemental damage, with spells like Blizzard, Spinfreeze or Diamond Dust filling their repertoire. After this, Odin is the next Eidolon fought, becoming Lightning’s personal guardian after the battle in chapter 4. Thunder based, the horse-form of Odin focuses on attack such as Stormblade, Thunderfall and Zantetsuken.

Brynhildr is the third unlocked Final Fantasy XIII Eidolon, as Sazh battles the creature in the Nautilus amusement park during chapter 8. Although Brynhildr’s attacks revolve around fire damage, it can also cast a variety of elemental spells as a secondary offense. Fang wields the Final Fantasy hallmark Bahamut, who deals out wind damage in this carnation of the franchise. Similar to Bahamut and his gamut of non-elemental attacks, Hope’s Eidolon Alexander takes this one step further, with powerful AoE attacks such as Earthquake. Hecatoncheir becomes Vanilla’s Eidolon and is obtained during chapter 11. An earth element specialist, the Eidolon can also cast Quake, a valuable ability in the more difficult boss battles.