Final Fantasy XIII - Snow Character Profile & Information

Final Fantasy XIII - Snow Character Profile & Information
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Snow Villiers Character Profile

In a similar fashion to many of its series predecessors, there are six characters who form the player party in Final Fantasy 13. Snow Villiers is one of those six and becomes an integral cog in the overarching narrative strewn throughout the thirteen chapter long game. A brash, headstrong warrior, Snow takes charge of his situation and tries to fight (however misguided or ill-judged) for what he feels is morally right and just. This article will further detail the blond haired character found in Final Fantasy 13. Snow Villiers will be dissected and analysed insofar as his motives, desires, moral compass, battle prowess and overall characterisation in contrast to those surrounding him for much of the game.

Final Fantasy 13 - Snow Information

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Standing 200cm (6’7”) tall, Snow is the largest human character found in any main Final Fantasy title, arching over the affable Barrett from FFVII by a mere three centimetres. Using his coat as an AMP infused weapon, he simply fights with his fists, wearing black gloves to shield them from some damage. His black bandana and black boots complete the ensemble appearance, with long flowing blond hair and a stubble driven beard finishing his finer features off. He seems to have a penchant for referring to himself as a “hero” during many of the opening moments in the game, as well as talking to himself for reaffirming encouragement while inside the Pulse Vestige.

Before the Sanctum officials began the purge of Bodhum residents, Snow was leader of the NORA vigilante group. Initially, this rag-tag group of local would-be fighters staged battles with malevolent monsters, causing trouble on the outskirts of the city. Notable allies in this organisation include the seaside bar owner Lebreau, childhood friend Gadot and ladies man Yuj. Unfortunately NORA is forced to begin a rebellion against the Sanctum led purge of Bodhum residents, as they fight for survival from a sea of extermination squads at the game’s opening. His reckless attitude may aggravate some but others, such as his comrades and Serah, see him as a heroic figure standing against moral impropriety.

Final Fantasy XIII - Snow Villiers Role In The Story

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Snow stages this rebellion in the Hanging Edge, where he tries to coordinate his resistance members as well as find the Pulse Vestige and his future wife to be Serah. In this fracas, Snow takes the aid of Hope Estheim’s mother, ironically called Nora herself. Unfortunately, Nora is killed soon after, as Hope is left to watch on from a distance – blaming Snow for the event. After this, Snow is finally able to make it into the Vestige and seek out the l’Cie Serah, who is also Lightning’s sister. After entering the fal’Cie chamber, Anima attacks Snow, Lightning, Sazh, Vanilla and Hope, with the former three taking arms against it.

In Final Fantasy 13, Snow, initially a Sentinel class in battle, defeats Anima with the help of his girlfriend’s sister and Sazh. After the fight, Serah turns into a crystal, as a sign that her l’Cie focus was completed. Anima stages a final attack that leaves the five party members branded as Pulse l’Cie themselves, tasked with a focus they can’t decipher. With Serah’s final words ringing in his ears, Snow sets about saving Cocoon from some evil they have yet to properly comprehend. He is left by the others while trying to dig the now crystal Serah out from the icy surface. It is here that he awakens his Eidolon and unlocks the power to wield the Shiva Sisters in battle.