FFXIII - Trapezohedron Guide To Finding & Duplicating It Successfully

FFXIII - Trapezohedron Guide To Finding & Duplicating It Successfully
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Farming for Items, Currency & Weaponry - A RPG Trope

Both Japanese and Western role playing games have a storied history with regards to farming for items, rare loot drops and item crafting. Examples include games like Diablo, World of Warcraft and The Witcher. The newest Final Fantasy title is no different, as players input a stunning amount of work & effort to go into being rewarded with the best in-game weapons. In FFXIII, Trapezohedron is an item that can be used as a catalyst material in creating and forging any of the characters ultimate weapons. There are multiple methods to obtaining the material and this article looks into the different ways, trying to provide a guide on the best farming techniques and easiest routes to picking up Trapezohedron.

The Cost of Farming Trapezohedron

In FFXIII, Trapezohedron can be found after mission seven of the Cie’th stone hunts has been completed, during chapter eleven of the main thirteen found in the game. The description for the item, found on the top of the HUD when highlighted in the inventory screen, reads “A prism whose refracted light casts no shadow. Functions as a transformational catalyst.” Players will find it in the store after this aforementioned seventh mission is completed, for a astronomical cost of 2,000,000 gil. This heightened value is further compounded by the buy-back/selling price of 10,000 gil, a paltry amount for anybody regretting their purchase. As previously mentioned, it is a catalyst based transformative item, allowing players to upgrade weapons.

Players can find Trapezohedron in the wilds of Gran Pulse instead of spending such a huge amount on a wholesale variant of the item. Both Adamantortoise and the larger Adamantoise drop the material, with a 1% rare drop chance for players after each battle. The effort involved in this is perhaps not worth the trouble, however the upgraded Long Gui (another shelled behemoth in a similar vein to the two previously mentioned) provides an improved 5% rare drop chance of obtaining Trapezohedron. If those odds are still too daunting for players, there are alternate methods to farming and duplicating the item after it has been dropped once and the player has it in their inventory.

FFXIII Trapezohedron Duplication

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To upgrade each of the six characters weapons into their ultimate form, players must use a total of 36 Trapezohedron items, with six going into each transformative process. This means that to upgrade a single weapon, players would normally have to spend 12,000,000 gil, with a total of 72 million gil being spent on upgrading every weapon. When equipped with a single Trapezohedron, players can duplicate through the use of weapon upgrading, in order to get three of that item at a lower cost. By upgrading and subsequently dismantling either the Fang weapon Kain’s Lance or Vanille’s Nirvana, players will receive the three Trapezohedron items. From there, they can repeat the process, to duplicate the items.

Unfortunately, this method will still cost a decent wad of cash, as upgrading both Fang & Vanille’s weapons will cost around 1,350,000 gil before the dismantling can be performed. This will save players 3.7 million gil for each six (good for one ultimate weapon) Trapezohedron’s they accrue. From there, it is simply a case of repeating these steps until all six characters have upgraded their weapons into their ultimate form, using up the whole 36 duplicated catalyst items. Obviously the key is to pick up a drop from one of the enemies listed above, however just flat-out buying the item and going from there is also an option – even if it costs you a handsome 650,000 gil in the long run.