Allods Online League Walkthrough For Coba Plateau

Allods Online League Walkthrough For Coba Plateau
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Level 30 And Beyond

So you’ve hit the big 3-0 and you’re ready to take your level 30 kick-butt toon to the Coba Plateau in Allods Online. Well, if you just got there and want a heads-up on what to expect then you’ve landed on the right guide or if you’re stuck and need a heads-up, you’ve come to the right guide.

A few things that should be apparent, though, is that Coba is not for the weak or light-hearted. Unless you’re a melee-healer it won’t be a walk in the park trying to get through quests or beat some of the mobs. So here’s a word of advice: team-up, form a party or bring guildies along for the ride because trying to solo Coba could leave your character stranded in purgatory more often than not.

Fishing Around The Camp

The League camp at Coba Plateau

Many of the starting missions in Coba are the standard seek-and-destroy sort of thing. For instance, most of all the missions in the northern region near the crashed astral ship only require to either kill ‘X’ amount of renegades, Imperials, spiders, etc., or retrieve goods from the area. It’s best to grab a party, share the quests and lay the smack down on everything in the northern region.

Other starter quests include gathering samples from the barrels around camp, which is quite easy. There’s also dispelling the tainted League soldier’s chests, which is located just outside the main tents. Again, simply walk around the camp, press ‘T’ and proceed as usual. These starter quests in Coba are quite straight-forward and shouldn’t prove to be too difficult.

When Things Start Getting Mossy

Frozen by an Imperial player during PvP

The only thing to watch out for is that the final starter quests require to venture into the Imperial territory. This starts with a termite quest that involves gathering moss just outside an Imperial facility. For the termite hive you’ll have to go inside to gather the moss; the entrance to the hive is at the front of the largest hive.

A few other quests include taking out the specific Imperial officers inside the camp, which is probably best done in a group considering that the PvP Flag of War will automatically raise once you attack an Imperial officer. It’s best to complete all the quests in the Imperial base before moving to the Prospector’s Inn at the center of the Plateau, because once you take on the quests at the Inn things will start getting mossy, especially when it comes to inventory space. So be sure to get all quests completed before heading to the Inn and ensure that you have plenty of inventory space free.

Robbing The Caraven And The Rusted Wasteland

Grabbing items for a quest

One of the early missions at the Prospector’s Inn require players to rob a free-trader’s caravan. This isn’t too tough if you grab a few people to tag along with you. All you do is run up to the caravan, put on the bandit mask and kill the free-traders for the loot. It’s that simple.

The Rusted Wasteland carries a few quests, too, and it’s probably more daunting looking than it is tough to quest there. A few things to keep in mind is that the Prospector’s reputation grind quest takes place in the Wasteland and requires that players kill a kobold, take an enchanted water and head into the Wasteland where it catches fire. When you see your toon start to go up in flames the gear icon should appear and simply press ‘Z’ to complete the combustion climax quest. It’s quite easy and is a breeze to repeat.

Other quests in the wasteland include grabbing Stingers from the Zem towers scattered throughout the area. Find the floating rocks and press ‘Z’ to examine them for the Stingers.

The Crypt: A Walkthrough That’s Not Needed

A Kobold boss is about to get fried

The final quest in the wasteland involves cleansing the Crypt. This quest usually throws people for a loop but keep in mind that you don’t have to defeat the Tomb keeper to complete the quest. The Crypt can actually be soloed. Simply head to the crypt and kill the three guards inside. If you’re a Scout or Mage Warden you may need a little help killing the three guards. After that, simply run up to the center artifact and activate it in order to capture the crypt. The next thing you need to do is run out as fast as you possibly can because the Tomb keeper has a ridiculous amount of life and isn’t meant to be defeated.

The Missing Friends: Blondie’s Demise

A Demon Hunter ogre

One of the quests near the prospector’s Inn includes finding three missing friends. The first two are easy to spot because they’re right around the League camps just outside the Inn. You’ll find the first missing friend at the league camp to the north. Check around the hills and the ditches near the campsite and you should spot a dead body in faded armor lying around.

The second friend is located at the encampment just east of the Inn near a hill. Search around a bit before throwing your arms up and moving on. The bodies aren’t entirely easy to spot.

The third and final friend is not quite as easy to find because Blondie didn’t just die out in the field like the other two. You’ll find Blondie’s remains inside Boog the Sadist, the Orge boss just south of the Stygian Passage respawn point. And yes, Blondie is inside the Orge because the Orge ate Blondie.

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