Brawler's Strategy Guide For Ran Online MMORPG

Brawler's Strategy Guide For Ran Online MMORPG
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Picking The RIght Kind Of Fights

Min Communication’s school-themed MMORPG is an all-around brawling title with a strong focus on gangs and PvP. Players will battle from the start of the game up until they log out. So if you need a little help or direction in what to become in Ran Online or how to develop the fighter class in the game, then you definitely came to the right place. This guide will help direct players in where to put their attributes per level and how to pick the right skills to overcome the odds right at the start of the game.

Int, Str, And Dex Explained

It takes a lot of focus to be a pugilist

Every class on Ran Online has specialty sub-class skills and abilities. Utilizing the sub-class skills is a prime focal point of gameplay, especially when you’re in a tight bind and need something useful to get out of it. For fighters (or brawlers) the skills breakdown in the following manner: Str (or strength) is for kicking attacks. Dex (or dexterity) affects a player’s punching skills and attacks. Int (or intelligence) is all about technical skills such as headbutts, meditation techniques to increase power or deliver crippling elbow strikes.

Each sub-class features moves that will vastly affect a character’s growth in the long run. For instance, at higher levels the headbutt attack can stun enemies. When enough attributes are added to certain kick attacks, they can work as AOE power-hits and damage all nearby enemies. Improving punching abilities allow players to perform super damaging punching attacks that work well against bosses. In each scenario, the moves play vital parts in the combat of Ran and deciding on what kind of character you plan to develop your fighter into. It’s imperative to know before adding skill points to any of the sub-class categories.

Three Is Not Better Than One

Nothing beats a good right hook to the face

Sometimes gamers might be inclined to level all three sub-classes at the same time…picking and choosing skills as they go along. While this might seem cool at first, it’s not really an all around practical choice for newbies…especially considering that those unfamiliar with using the sub-classes to their utmost benefits will ultimately hinder their character’s growth.

For new players it’s best to stick to one sub-class, and at the max, maybe put a few points into a second sub-class just for the sake of having a few extra skills to dispose on enemies.

The benefits of sticking with just one sub-class is that players will ultimate grow stronger faster and deal more damage at lower-levels when using that classes’ skill-set. If you want a dual sub-class character, it would be wise to only put points into a secondary set after reaching level 40, in which case most of the other skills will also be available to use in the second sub-class, if you so choose to take that route.

Pummeler, Supporter Or Butt-Kicker?

Whatever you do don’t end up like this guy

Even though some gamers may have an idea of what each sub-class category is about and what moves they can expect to use within each category, sometimes it’s important to know what the benefits are for specifically sticking to one category over the other. Because unlike Red Cliff Online where the sub-classes are entirely separate from the main class, it’s easy to completely mess up skill points in sub-classes within Ran Online, simply because you’re not sure which one to go with.

Even though Dex focuses on punching techniques and counters, it’s also one of the faster sub-class skill sets that allow players to pull off a lot of quick moves in successions with moderate cooldown. Dexterity skills for fighters also ensure that at higher levels players are able to push, pull or disorientate bad guys and other players. This works especially well when fighting bosses or helping out teammates during a gang brawl.

Executing various kicking techniques using the Strength sub-class is more than just a set of area-of-effect maneuvers. It also contains lots of moves to help fend off mobs from fellow teammates who are being overwhelmed. Positioning oneself between a mob and using a few Strength attacks can space out enemies or buy teammates some time to recover health or allow them to launch a follow-up attack. Using Strength attacks is also very effective for setting up quick-link combos for Int skills (and yes, players can use multiple skills from various sub-classes.)

Intelligence skills might seem lame but when coupled with various gloves players can use Int attacks to freeze enemies, set them on fire or perform a number of other specialties with added energy damage. Int skills also are excellent for one-on-one bouts because the attacks do a good deal of damage while usually inflicting some sort of status effect. The only downside is that Int skills suffer from a decrease in damage as opposed to Dex or Str moves.

A Few Hints For PvP’ing As A Brawler

Nothing like joining a gang to feel empowered

Before closing out this beginner’s guide for brawlers, it might be best to throw out a few hints on how to effectively PvP and what to use at lower levels. If it’s at all possible, try focusing on upping the level of the skills you use the most and by the time you reach level 30 start looking for gloves that either freeze or slow down opponents. Even if the damage isn’t that good, gloves that hamper the movements of opponents work wonders for both mobs and one-on-one PvP.

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