Allods Online Leathermaking Guide For Beginners

Allods Online Leathermaking Guide For Beginners
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Leather Fit For A King

Finding a decent crafting guide for Allods Online is a pain, I know…I’ve looked. Nevertheless, gamers who are completely dumbfounded as to how to craft effectively and make the items you’ve always wanted to make, including Rare items of any level or higher, then this Allods Online leathermaking guide will help inform you in a number of ways.

You’ll need the right materials for the right level to make specific items and, of course, you’ll have to be a certain level to have complete access to everything required to make level 37 and higher equipment, as well as Rare or possibly, Epic gear.

What Can Leathermakers Craft?

All of that…it’s leather, yes leather

Allods has various assortments of items that can be made; Blacksmiths focus on shields and plate armor, Tailors can make capes, bracers and other cloth material; Alchemist can put together booster potions and elixirs, and Leathermakers can craft all kinds of leather armor.

The leather armor that can be made includes wristguards, gloves, boots, pants, shirts, chest armor and belts. Each of these items requires various materials and various grades of said material. The higher the grade of the material means that Leathermakers can make higher grade items.

After the latest Revelations of Gipat expansion, all the crafting tools and functions have undergone some minor tweaks, but gamers are still capable of making a number of items suited to their tastes.

Materials That Make Sell-Worthy Items

For gamers who wish to become a Leathermaker you can find the NPC for the League in the Gibberling District inside Novograd. For those on the Empire side, the Leather trainer can be found inside the Yasker Tower at Nezebgrad on the second floor.

Items that are available to craft

Now that you know what Leathermaking is all about it’s time to get a brief overview of what materials can be used to make items you can either sell or wear. The list goes from lowest grade to highest grade.

Take note that items such as padding serves no purpose for making items within Leathermaking. Also keep in mind that various crafting attributes determine how high in level the item turns out, so the level range is from its lowest possible level to its highest. You can check out the complete list of the items you can craft and differing levels they offer in the following section.

Leathermaking Materials And Item Manifest

Damaged Leather Strip: Level 3-8 Belts

Damaged Leather Pattern: Level 3-8 Boots

Damaged Leather Pattern(2): Level 3-8 Pants

Damaged Piece of Leather: Level 3-8 Shirt

Damaged Leather Canvas: Level 3-8 Chest Piece

Irregular Leather Strip: Level 8-12 Belts

Irregular Leather Pattern: Level 8-12 Boots

Irregular Leather Pattern(2): Level 8-12 Pants

Irregular Piece of Leather: Level 8-12 Shirt

Irregular Leather Canvas: Level 8-12 Chest Piece

Irregular Leather Ribbon: Level 10-12 Wristguard

Irregular Scrap of Leather: Level 10-12 Gloves

Flawed Leather Strip: Level 13-17 Belts

Flawed Leather Pattern: Level 13-17 Boots

Flawed Leather Pattern(2): Level 13-17 Pants

Flawed Piece of Leather: Level 13-17 Shirt

Flawed Leather Canvas: Level 13-17 Chest Piece

Flawed Leather Ribbon: Level 13-17 Wristguard

Flawed Scrap of Leather: Level 13-17 Gloves

Ordinary Leather Strip: Level 18-22 Belts

Ordinary Leather Pattern: Level 18-22 Boots

Ordinary Leather Pattern(2): Level 18-22 Pants

Ordinary Piece of Leather: Level 18-22 Shirt

Ordinary Leather Canvas: Level 18-22 Chest Piece

Ordinary Leather Ribbon: Level 18-22 Wristguard

Ordinary Scrap of Leather: Level 18-22 Gloves

Fine Leather Strip: Level 23-27 Belts

Fine Leather Pattern: Level 23-27 Boots

Fine Leather Pattern(2): Level 23-27 Pants

Fine Piece of Leather: Level 23-27 Shirt

Fine Leather Canvas: Level 23-27 Chest Piece

Fine Leather Ribbon: Level 23-27 Wristguard

Fine Scrap of Leather: Level 23-27 Gloves

Flawless Leather Strip: Level 28-32 Belts

Flawless Leather Pattern: Level 28-32 Boots

Flawless Leather Pattern(2): Level 28-32 Pants

Flawless Piece of Leather: Level 28-32 Shirt

Flawless Leather Canvas: Level 28-32 Chest Piece

Flawless Leather Ribbon: Level 28-32 Wristguard

Flawless Scrap of Leather: Level 28-32 Gloves

Pristine Leather Strip: Level 33-37 Belts

Pristine Leather Pattern: Level 33-37 Boots

Pristine Leather Pattern(2): Level 33-37 Pants

Pristine Piece of Leather: Level 33-37 Shirt

Pristine Leather Canvas: Level 33-37 Chest Piece

Pristine Leather Ribbon: Level 33-37 Wristguard

Pristine Scrap of Leather: 33-37 Gloves

Perfect Leather Strip: Level 38-42 Belts

Perfect Leather Pattern: Level 38-42 Boots

Perfect Leather Pattern(2): Level 38-42 Pants

Perfect Piece of Leather: Level 38-42 Shirt

Pristine Leather Canvas: Level 38-42 Chest Piece

Pristine Leather Ribbon: Level 38-42 Wristguard

Pristine Scrap of Leather: Level 38-42 Gloves

Getting Started Making Items

The old crafting method for making leather items

If you’ve talked to the NPC then they’ll have a toolkit available for you to purchase. You’ll need to first learn leathermaking by reading the manual, which is also available from the NPC.

When you right click on the crafting toolkit you’ll be presented with a number of optional items you can make. However, the items only become highlighted for selection if all the proper materials are put into place. To do this simply click on the reagents menu in your inventory and right click on the appropriate material to add it to the kit’s toolbar.

When all the items required to make a specific item are put into place then you can begin the crafting process by clicking on the “Craft” button.

The Material Conundrum

Crafting high level items requires high level material

The best way to make equipment is in conjunction with a disassembler. Otherwise you’ll be stuck gathering over-priced materials from the auction house. If, however, you can’t work out a deal with a dissembler, you’ll just have to settle for whatever appears on the auction house.

Given that the auction house is a random venture and can sometimes render the material you’re looking for non-existent, sometimes it’s best to look around in different zones and use the zone chat or the shout feature to ask if anyone has any of the material that you’re looking for. Be sure to be specific about the level of material you’re going for so you just don’t end up with anything.

Making Rares Is Rare

The new craft menu has chambers similar to a slot machine

When crafting items, you’ll be presented with six buttons in three different categories. Each category has two buttons for positive and negative effects. The whole goal is to get the positives as high as possible to make the highest grade items. The three categories include: Complexity, Success and Quality. If you can get the Quality of the item in the positive zone of 5 or higher the item instantly becomes Rare. If any of the three categories are in the negative zone then the item will fail and all the materials will be wasted.

Players can also manipulate the outcome of a crafted item by “holding” specific icons. For example, in the top left hand corner of the toolkit there is a roll-dice. This dice indicates how many times you can randomize the outcome of various positive or negative effects for each of the three categories. As you level up your tradecraft more roll dice will be added, with a total number of 6 being available once you max out the craft. Before hitting the randomize button you can select up to four icons from the top of the crafting bar to “hold”. Simply left click on the icon and press the randomize button and the icon will stay. This method is essential for crafting Rares.

Wasting Material Is No Fun

Want to look like a Yasker Hawk? Then max out your leatherworking

One trick to limit the outcome of failures is to make a slightly higher grade item so that even if the randomizer starts on a lot of negatives in the category of Quality and Complexity, you can still make a little leeway given that a higher grade item with negative Complexity will only downgrade to one level lower than the one you selected. Nonetheless, the most important feature is that of Success, because without enough Success it doesn’t matter how much Quality or Complexity you have, the item will fail. So it’s best to get up the success rate first and foremost when crafting an item.

Hopefully this guide helped a bit in explaining the process of crafting leather items in Allods Online. For more guides on crafting or MMO gameplay be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

For more info on Allods Online feel free to visit the Official Website.

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