Atlantica Online Crafting Basics

Atlantica Online Crafting Basics
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How To Learn Crafting

There are only two ways you can even begin the wonderful journey of crafting. The first is by completing a quest by a crafting trainer npc. The second way can be taught to you by way of a mentor, friend or party member. Atlantica Online allows players to share all types of information from monster info to crafting information. If you join a guild that has members that are fairly progressed with their crafts then y

ou can easily level up your crafting level for each of the 36 crafts.

However, if you are not in a guild and you don’t know any one, all you have to do is make a quick visit to a craft training npc. That is an adventure in itself though because most of the npc crafting trainers are always traveling. Typically though, if you craft your professions on par with your characters level, you really should not have any problems finding the npc in your current area. The good thing about this is that all npcs can can teach you every skill level from 1 to 100 and above so you won’t be spending a lot of time traveling back and forth clear across the country side.

How Crafting Works

Once you have been taught to craft from either an npc or a friend or party member, you can start crafting as soo

Atlantica Online Crafting

n as you want. To pull up your crafting options click “My Info” at the top menu bar and then click “Skill”. The window that opens up is defaulted to show you crafting skills. From the list click the crafting skill you need to level up and you will see information about your progress as well as which npcs teach the skills. From the right side under “Craftable Items” you can select anything in the menu and details area below will change. It will now show you the required amount of materials and what type you will need to begin crafting.

Crafting in Atlantica Online isn’t like crafting in a traditional MMORPG. Instead of simply gathering materials and heading

Atlantica Online MMORPG

to a craft table you will be doing your crafting on the battlefield. All crafting requires what is called a workload. A workload is simply an amount of “work” that you have to do before the items get crafted. You do this work by participating in battle. The amount of battles you have to do to complete a craft depends on the type and amount of items you are crafting. Essentially the idea is that you have to obtain a certain amount of experience while you have begun crafting something. For example, if you open up your crafting skills window (and have the required materials of course) and set the quantity and hit craft, a small box appears next to your auto-movement bar underneath the main menu. The box will show you what your crafting and how far much experience you need to finish the crafting as well as a percentage. If you click on the box you can get the exact number of experience that you need to finish the craft.

Finding Crafting Materials

Finding the materials you need to craft can be a difficult task, unless of course you are able to buy them all at a marketpla

Atlantica Online Monster Info

ce. Atlantica Online has a built in monster search function and if you have encountered the monster before you can get all sorts of detailed information including which items they drop. Because of this it is actually a lot better and easier if you get to level 50 or so before you start crafting. At level 50 you should have enough information about a lot of different monsters and have a general idea of where you need to go get gather the items. You can pull up this searchable database by clicking on “Game Info” and then “Monsters”. When the window appears it will allow you to browse through all the monsters that your character has encountered and all monsters info that has been shared to you by a friend or guild member. This makes it so much easier to find the materials that you need for crafting.