Get an Overview of Atlantica Online Classes

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Class Basics

Atlantica Online differs from some other MMORPGs in that there is only one race–human. However, players do have some variety when it comes to classes, as there are nine. Two of them are brand new as of February 18th’s patch, and all nine are differentiated from each other based mainly on weapons. Fortunately for newbies, the classes are all simply named for the specialty weapon, rather than spiced up with mysterious or complicated names. As such, the best way to choose a class in Atlantica Online is to pick your favorite weapon and go with the one that gets to wield that item.

Class Types

Each of the nine classes has a weapon that defines it, instead of like other MMO games where the class is actually a completely different name and set of spells that can all use different weapon types. Here is a break down of the different weapon classes:

1. The Viking uses an axe, and features plenty of hit points but a low level of defense.

2. The Spearman wields a spear, and is able to remove action points from enemies.

3. The Archer’s primary weapon is a bow and arrow, of course, and is best at ranged attacks and silencing foes.

4. The Swordsman is known as a tank, so he is best at the front lines using his sword.

5. The Artilleryman totes around a cannon, and is best at dealing damage from far away over a large area.

6. The Gunner can do a lot of damage at once with his gun, but has low defense.

7. The Shaman uses a staff to heal allies and inflict a great deal of damage to enemies, but possesses low health and overall defenses.

The most recent patch adds two classes.

8. The Musician, (a new class), who gets creative with ranged attacks using a guitar, and can lower the attack power, defenses, and health of enemies with music.

9. The other newer class is the Maniac, who wields a power saw to cause a lot of damage. However, be aware that players must already have at least one character at level 100 to play the Maniac class.

About Mercenaries

In Atlantica Online, as players level, they can create mercenaries to fight alongside their main character. Mercenaries are simply additional characters chosen from the nine classes. Players can group with up to eight at once aside from their main character, so in effect, players could choose to include all classes at once in their group of nine.

Before deciding on a class to play in Atlantica Online, simply consider your favorite weapon in online games. If you are not sure, creating mercenaries from different classes for your main character is a fun way to find out your preferred weapon when it comes to Atlantica Online.