Allods Online Repeatable Reputation Quests

Allods Online Repeatable Reputation Quests
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Coldberg League Reputation Quest Guide

Finished the first two parts of this guide for the Allods Online repeatable reputation quests for the League? Well, if you still need help finding out where the quests are and what you have to do to complete them, keep reading.

One of the easiest grinds at higher levels is for the Free Traders reputation in Coldberg. Much like everything after the Coba Plateau, these quests are dailies and can only be completed once per day.

You’ll find two of the reputation quests for the Free Traders at the main camp. The first is called ‘The Undead Army’ and requires players to take out eight Skeletal Enchanters and eight Skeletal Enforcers just west of the camp.

Behind the NPC that hands out the ‘Undead Army’ quest is another Gibberling NPC inside a hut that has the quest ‘It’s Not Junk To Me’ which requires you to collect 20 refined Mithril chunks, if you happen to be a miner.

Coldberg’s Ogre reputation grind

Further north of the initial Free Trader camp is another small camp that has two more daily reputation quests. Including one called ‘Preventive Measures’, which is usually done in a party and sees players taking down 12 Icy Ogres.

The final repeatable quest on Coldberg is called ‘Holding Out On The League’ and is for 100 League Defender reputation points. It’s given from the NPC in the same camp that has the quest ‘Preventive Measures’. For those who choose to do so, it requires bringing back three pieces of Meteorite Ore located in the nearby vicinity.

Avilon League Reputation Guide

Bantaz gets a beating

Many of the repeatable quests in Avilon are quite easy (if you’re the appropriate level) and are even sometimes done in raids to minimize on the amount of time it takes to get them done. All the repeatable quests in Avilon can be acquired from the NPCs at the Elf settlement in the center of the map.

Much like Coldberg before it, these quests can only be done once a day. They include retrieving eight Mantis Wizard staves and 10 Elemental waters from the Water Elementals just north of the settlement.

The other daily repeatable includes gathering three drops of squirrel blood, three drops of toad blood and three drops of mantis blood. Any mantis can drop the blood, but only Mantis Wizards drop the staffs.

The final daily repeatable in Avilon is for tailors and is called ‘The Frilly Supplies’, which requires 5 pairs of Slippers of pristine blessed cloth.

Dragon Ring Isles Reputation Quest Guide

This ship leads to Dragon Ring

‘Mending the ship’ is one of the easiest repeatable quests in Dragon Ring, which takes place on the Dusky Isle, the first of the three isles. The Gibberlings near the teleporter hand out the quest, daily. Simply highlight the quest trees by pressing ‘T’ and collect five tree samples.

Next on the list is the 10 Tapir hide quest. This is another Demon Hunter daily quest that involves farming 10 Tapirs for their hides. This quest can be easy or hard depending on your level and equipment. It’s best to take on this quest after level 38 and when all your stats have been balanced.

10 Savage Eye spit is another daily on Dusky Isle. This is probably the hardest of the dailies on Dusky simply because the Savage Eyes are a tough enemy to take down.

The last daily quest on Dusky Isle is from the League Commander that requires 10 Greater Armor Potions. This is a quest designed for Alchemist, however any player can scavenge for the potions on the Auction House.

Moving on from Dusky Isle to Pangol Isle, you’ll find that there are two more daily repeatable quests at Dragon Ring. One is given from the Gibberling scouts just south of the Demon Hunter camp, behind a tree. It requires killing 12 Demon Mages. This quest is quite easy and can be performed in a party or raid.

The very last repeatable quest on Dragon Ring is also on Pangol Isle, which includes collecting 10 Crocodile Fat and 10 Cannabar Seeds. Keep in mind that all repeatable quests on Dragon Ring are dailies.

Yazes Shard Reputation Quest Guide Part 1

Beating the mess out of a Tep Cultist

If you made it to the League Settlement on Yazes Shard then you’re basically ready to move away from reputation grinds and about ready to venture into the far reaches of the astral with your ship and crew.

The grinds on Yazes Shard are for the League Army reputation and are actually quite tame compared to some others. All of them happen to be dailies, though, so there’s no constant back-to-back grinding here.

Up at the teleporter the first rep quest is from the League Commander that requires five shields of pristine blessed metal. This is a daily grind for blacksmiths.

Another NPC that hands out the world mystery quests is also nearby the telepoter and has a few daily quests as well. Including: War as we know it…which sees players having to PvP three Orc players, three Xadaganians and three Arisen players on the Imperial side.

Also, this NPC will hand out a quest called ‘Inevitable Punishment’. This is a party-based quest that requires mob grinding on level 40 Imperial NPCs. The requirements of the quest are kill 10 Experienced Sentinels and 10 Experienced Battlemages.

Yazes Shard Reputation Quest Guide Part 2

A brief look inside the temple

At the center of the camp the NPC beneath the dark portal gives out a rather easy daily that sees players having to collect 10 Dark Astral Crystals from the Fiendish Predators just outside the camp.

Gibberlings by the gate entrance north of the teleporter also have a daily called ‘We weren’t born yesterday’ and it requires firing an astral cannon at an astral demon on the far east side of the allod inside the wrecked ship on the shore.

Across from the Gibberlings another NPC hands out the final daily, this is quite simple and probably best done in a party. The quest involves killing 10 Wicked Demon Mages and 10 Vengeful Demon Mages. The Vengeful Mages are up along the west shoreline and are intermixed with level 40 warlords, so be careful.

Hopefully this guide helped with finding all the reputation grinds on the League side. For more beginner, intermediate and advanced guides for Allods Online and other MMOS, be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub. For further information on Allods the game, feel free to visit the Official Website.

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