Allods Online Drywind Canyon Guide - Astral Walkthrough

Allods Online Drywind Canyon Guide - Astral Walkthrough
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A Very Dry And Windy Allod

For those of you who have managed to head off into the astral after getting your astral ship constructed, you’re probably wondering where a good place is to go or how to get to an allod that allows you to get things done quickly and efficiently. This is especially prominent and rings true for those who don’t have the best gear and are hoping to acquire some rare or epic equipment.

Fear not, for this Allods Online Drywind Canyon guide will inform you about everything you need to know once you get to the allod. There are a few tricks to completing the instance quickly as well as a trick for farming the allod for some additional items.

Getting To Drywind Canyon Isn’t Too Bad

A quick trip through the astral to get to Drywind

There are only a few allods available for newbies to get to in the astral. The way it’s broken down is that allods closer to the starting points allow you to get there in just a few jumps.

Some of these nearby allods include the Smuggler’s Den, the Hikut Shard and of course, Drywind Canyon. These allods are usually the first couple of allods you’ll pick up on the radar when you use the navigation device. Getting there shouldn’t be too much of a problem, even after the post-patch randomization of the astral portals. Just lock in the jump and once you get there head to the allod to start the instance and start the 45 minute timer.

In Dire Need

Prepping to attack

Once you hop off the ship at Drywind you’ll notice an NPC that’s semi-surrounded by a bunch of mobs. This NPC starts a chain series of quests that leads to a boss and an epic drop. You and the team can grab the quest to start the chain after clearing a mob or two and talking to the NPC.

The first quest is a basic courier quest. You’ll have to follow a path through the canyon and to a small Goblin village just to the right of the hillside path. There may be one Tep Initiate walking around that will require putting down but after that it should be clear to talk to the Goblin NPC who has a slightly more definitive task for you: you must defeat the Tep priest, Menkauhor, just northwest of the goblin village at a holding facility.

Jail Busters

Fighting Menkauhor

Taking down Menkauhor isn’t too tough so long as you have a full tank in all rares or higher and a full healer who knows how to manage heals so they don’t draw too much aggro. It’s probably best to have a warrior lure Menkauhor from the surrounding mobs using the bow and then have the team dispense of him just like any other boss. Take note that he is red-ringed and cannot be knocked down or stunned. Sometimes it’s best to fight him just outside the encampment on the right side of the facility where there is room for everyone to move around and maneuver a bit in case the team doesn’t feel comfortable fighting Menkauhor in close quarters.

After defeating Menka, talk to the caged Orc inside the facility and they’ll have you head over to another fort northeast of the goblin village you just visited. Your next task is to take on another Tep high priest that goes by the name of Sobekhotep.

A Bridge Fit For Orcs

The defeat of Sobekhotep

In order to get to the fort you’ll need to head far east just past the Goblin camp where you’ll need to head up a hillside. There’s no need to engage the Tep Initiates at the bottom of the hill. Simply hop up on the mound and you’ll find two or three Tep mobs blocking your path to the bridge. It’s possible to sneak past a few but it’s smarter to take down the mobs so you’ll have room to fight the boss.

You’ll find that Sobekhotep is located amidst a few Tep mobs, which you can draw out using the silent shot. It’s more time efficient to take them down one-by-one so you can focus all your attention on Sobkehotep, as opposed to trying to fight them all at once, which will result in a wipe.

Sobkehotep is pretty much the same as Menkauhor and just have the tank keep the aggro while the healer (or two) keeps the tank alive. After defeating the boss talk to the NPC Nokana the Nomadic just inside the fort to complete the quest and receive the final part of Drywind Canyon’s daily quest: destroying Tep’s generator.

Tainted Soul Rekindles Damned Soul Memories

Fighting the Tainted Soul

Remember way back at level 6-8 when you were on the newbie starter isle and had to fight the Damned Soul? Well, Imperial players may not remember that horrible scenario but League players who wanted those rare items had to trudge together, hunker down and fight the Damned Soul in order to earn some decent gear before heading to Novograd.

Well, shades of the past are rekindled with fighting the Tainted Soul, only this time you can earn an a level 39 epic item in the process.

The generator that houses the Tainted Soul is actually back near the very beginning of the allod near the astral ship. In fact, once you hop off the ship head west and the path will lead you to some Tep ruins. Within the ruins on the far west side is a small generator device. Activate the device to draw out the Tainted Soul. Be careful of his energy draining effects – it might be best to have a PSI on hand who can restore mana/energy for those who need it.

After defeating the Tainted Soul talk to Zubatka the Forester to complete the quest and turn it in. Afterward, gather up the crew and head back to the ship with your chests.

Farming Drywind Canyon For Epic Chests

Getting the ship ready to take another run in the astral

The first two bosses on the allod will drop random junk gear; either they will be mediocre parts for an astral ship or a rare item drop. Only the final boss on each allod will drop an epic chest that contains epic gear.

Now there’s a bit of a trick to this so that you can farm the boss multiple times in a single day. If only one party member turns in the Sobkehotep quest at Nokana the Nomadic, and everyone holds onto the quest, it’s possible to defeat the Lost Soul and grab the epic chest. You can then leave the allod, return to port and then head back out to the very same allod. If you do it correctly, the next person in the team will then turn in the quest at Nokana and will allow you to fight the Lost Soul once more and, in turn, he will drop another Epic chest for you. You can do this up to six times in a single party, which means you can get up to six epic items per party, in a single day. Not bad.

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