Allods Online Astral Ship Crew Guide

Allods Online Astral Ship Crew Guide
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Calling All Astral Crews

Gala Network’s big new money maker and free-to-play (cash shop ran) MMORPG, Allods Online, has a lot that has yet to be discovered about it. For instance, most people who play the game don’t know that the real game starts once you get your astral ship and hit up the open-world astral universe with your ship and crew. A lot of gamers are also unaware that it’s nearly impossible to man a ship all on your own.

Hence, this Allods Online astral ship crew guide will help give you tips and pointers on how many crew members you need and what their basic functions will be once things start getting heated in the intense astral demon encounters and ship-to-ship battles.

A Good Captain Knows His Limits

Before you take the ship out it has to finish construction

There’s really no point heading into the astral with your very own ship if you don’t know what you’re doing or where you’re going. If it’s your first time out on an astral ship be sure to let your crew know and be sure to inform them of what you’re not very good at and at the same time, what you hope to accomplish. Otherwise, a lot of miscommunication and misunderstandings can take place which ultimately will cost you huge in the long run.

If you know your crew isn’t decked out in Epic or Legendary gear, be sure to inform the crew that you’re not going to be hitting up any large allods or fighting out in the astral for very long. It’s also good to point out and assign each player to a station and try to navigate to simple allods when you’re starting out.

As the section title suggests, it’s best to know your limits, otherwise you and your crew could end up in purgatory while your ship gets mauled to pieces or destroyed from demons or opposing players.

The Navigator

The navigator determines where the ship goes

The two most important parts of the crew rest on the cartographic skills of the navigator and the savvy skills of the helmsman. These two positions determine where the ship will go and how the ship will get there.

The navigator of an astral ship takes his position at the very back of the ship just below the captain’s quarters. The job of the navigator consists of plotting a course through the astral; spotting out astral demons or scanning for other astral ships. The navigator is absolutely essential for making sure that the crew and ship get safely from one destination to the other and make it back in one piece. Navigators can also hyper-jump through wormholes or have the ship’s course plotted to a designated allod.

The Helmsmen

The helmsman actually controls the ship itself

The helmsman (or helmsmen if you have more than one onboard) job is to actually fly the ship. Usually the captain is at the navigator while a trusted crew member (or two) flies to a designated destination. The helmsman is also crucial in being able to evasively maneuver the ship past astral fragments, demons or tactically position the ship for PvP against another group of players.

Sometimes the helmsman position is manned by more than one person if it’s required to make drastic changes in movement, pitch or yaw. The controls for the helmsmen specifically include turning the ship, diving or raising it, as well as controlling the turbine for momentum.

Visor And Cannon Operators

The Visor detects threats and other astral ships

Two other important crew positions on a ship include the visor and the cannon operators. Firing the cannons is an essential aspect of operating an astral ship because there is always bound to be opposition that a crew will encounter will venturing through the dangerous fields of the astral, no different than encountering rival pirates in IGG’s Voyage Century.

However, before being able to fire the cannons accurately the visor operator must first be in position to scan the proximate area of the ship in order to get a lock-on to a target. If a visor doesn’t lock onto another ship or a demon then it’s a moot point trying to fire at a nearby target.

The visor simply surveys the surrounding area and if the navigator spots a demon or ship on the radar, it’s the job of the visor to target lock so that the cannon crew can fire at the selected targets. Alternatively, the visor has the ability to perform fast-movements such as a quick-spin of the ship so that the cannon crew can fire the cannons on the opposite side of the ship if the other cannons are overheated or damaged. Visor’s can also monitor shield capacity and make moderate changes to some combat properties of the ship during a battle.

Reactors And Repairmen

The reactor needs to stay cool for the ship to keep operating

During intense battles it is absolutely essential to monitor the energy consumption and heat output on the ship’s main reactors. Otherwise, too much cannon fire or other energy-related actions can overheat and disable the reactor. Someone watching the reactor is usually imperative during a battle, because at some points it’s important to shut the reactor down before it overheats, which will prevent an explosion from occurring on the ship that may damage or disable other ship components.

If the reactor does blow or the ship sustains massive damage to any component during your travel in the astral there are three goblin workers at the belly of the ship, near the treasure room, who can help repair broken parts of the astral ship. Simply click on the goblin and press the tool button to pick the goblin repairmen up and carry him over to the broken part of the ship in order to have them repair it.

Artillery And Hijacking

The artillery cannons take a lot of energy to use

The final crew positions for the astral ship are for the artillery and ship-to-ship boarding. Usually, when engaged in PvP the lesser equipped ship will move in close to an opponents ship and in a face-to-face showdown, fire the artillery as a last resort effort to destroy the opposition. Artillery cannons take massive amounts of energy to fire and can easily blow a reactor if the crewmates aren’t careful with firing them. In order to effectively use artillery the helmsman must position the ship directly in front of another ship while the artillery crewman fires.

Alternatively, if the visor and helmsman work together well the visor can give directions on how to position the ship close enough to an enemy ship and have a crew of hijackers board the enemy ship. This maneuver requires a lot of skill and team-oriented coordination to pull off. However, if done successfully, the hijackers can steal all of the opposing ship’s treasures and goods and then in a final act of ownage, blow up the enemy’s reactor by sabotaging it.

Hopefully this astral ship crew guide was informative in helping players understand what it takes to man an astral ship. For further guides on Allods Online or other MMOs, be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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