Allods Online Astral Ship Daily Quest Guide

Allods Online Astral Ship Daily Quest Guide
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The Daily Grind For An Astral Ship

The biggest aspect of the end game content in Allods Online falls in line with traveling the vast astral in your very own ship with a crew made up of other players. Now even if you manage to grab all three contracts and 1,500 gold to start construction on your astral ship there’s a few things to keep in mind, it takes 100 days to build.

Given that it takes such a long time to get an astral ship together there’s a few ways to actually speed up the process. Now, this astral ship daily quest guide specifically points out what the non-heroic, non-rune quests are like and what you have to do to complete them. Keep in mind that the ship dailies only knock off one day from the ship’s construction but one day is still better than nothing.

Where Do I Grab The Ship Daily Quests?

An astral ship a few weeks into construction

If you managed to grab the astral ship contract quest from the Novograd Guide then you know that all things astral ship related are handled at the Historian’s astral academy center at the Novograd docks.

Talk to Maurice de Audeur who stands in between the ship repair NPC and the ship Hangar Guardian. After talking to them you’ll see a list of quests available from the NPC, all of which will knock off a day or two or three, etc., on the construction process required to finish your very own astral ship.

The quests listed from Maurice de Audeur are as follows:

Accelerating Construction: Symbols of Victory

Accelerating Construction: Two Ship Builder Runes

Accelerating Construction: Three Ship Builder Runes

The Purchase of a Completed Astral Ship

Accelerating Construction: Four Ship Builder Runes

Accelerating Construction: Six Ship Builder Runes

Accelerating Construction: Eight Ship Builder Runes

Accelerating Construction (daily quest)

Astral Ship Construction Daily: Avilon

Fighting Tep blades in Avilon

The daily ship quests that take place around the world of Sarnaut will vary day-to-day. Nevertheless, we’ll start with Avilon because it feels like the right place to start and it’s just one astral ship port away from the Historian’s astral academy. The Avilon mission isn’t difficult but can prove to be tedious given that doing the mission in a party means that you have to share the loot. This can, in turn, stretch out the amount of time required to complete the quest.

The upside is that that ship daily in Avilon isn’t entirely aggressive and parties can leisurely approach the quest mobs without worrying about a lot of aggro or fighting multiple opponents at once.

The quest itself requires that players collect 20 Luminescent Crystals. These crystals can be found in the Tep Blades floating around on the northern and southern allods in Avilon. The Zem Tep Blades are level 40 and are very dangerous since they use armor debuffs to deal extra damage. It’s best to have a second player aid you in the quest if you’re not wearing Rare gear or higher. The drop rate on the Crystals is somewhat slim so it will take a while to gather them all.

Astral Ship Construction Daily: Coldberg

Heading to Coldberg for the next quest

While Avilon may have been a more difficult place to level and has an easily accessible but difficult astral ship daily quest, Coldberg offers up a party-friendly ship daily that is both accessible and easy (if you’re in a party). Basically, all you have to do is head to Coldberg and, if you want, grab the *Undead Army quest daily* and start grinding.

The trick to the Coldberg daily, however, is that the quest requires that you annihilate 20 Shadowy Specters. In order to do this it’s required to kill either a skeletal mage or a skeletal gladiator and use the summoning quest device in your inventory on the dead mage or gladiator to uncover the Shadowy Specter.

As long as a party member kills the Spector the kill will count towards the quest, so it’s a-okay to do the Coldberg ship daily in a party or a raid. It’s also about five times easier doing it in a party.

Astral Ship Construction Daily: Yazes Shard

Beware of cultists on Fabio-horses

This quest sometimes puts people in a foul mood because it requires a lot of mob grinding in the very deepest parts of Yazes Shard. The problem comes in with the fact that it’s a party quest that people rarely party to do. It’s essential, however, to keep partied up because unless you’re a Melee Healer, Paladin or PSI, trying to solo the ship daily in Yazes can prove to be very time consuming.

Now the quest itself requires for players to kill Ashun’Tar and Sur’Lith along with 20 Corruptors. Both bosses are on the far northeast and far northwest sides of the map. The Corruptors basically bodyguard the two bosses who happen to be located inside ancient ruins near the shore. It’s usually easier to have one group of party members to attack one boss and another group to take out the other boss, to quickly get through the quest.

Astral Ship Construction Daily: Dragon Ring

Watch out for the dragons on Dragon Ring

The fourth and final daily quest for hastening the process of astral ship construction is the Dragon Ring quest. Like all things Dragon Ring, this is a very difficult and time consuming quest with a bit of a twist.

All the astral ship dailies consist mostly of farming one thing or another and usually in groups of 20. The same applies for the hardest non-astral allod on the game, Dragon Ring. The quest itself sees players having to gather up 20 Dragon Eggs from Drakefang Isle.

What makes this quest so difficult (other than being on Dragon Ring) is that no member in the party with the quest is allowed to harm the dragons on Drakefang. Yes, this means that you need to avoid the dragons and try to capture the eggs around the isle at the same time. This quest is best done by Scouts or Mages since Scouts have several invisibility skills and Mages can use Ice Grave to freeze the dragons while capturing the eggs.

Another neat trick is that in a party players can share the eggs (in case someone is too low in level or not properly geared) by using Group Common for the loot settings and have other players farm the eggs for the rest of the team.

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