Allods Online Astral Ship Contract Quest Guide

Allods Online Astral Ship Contract Quest Guide
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Who Wants An Astral Ship?

If you’ve dinged level 35 on Allods Online you now have the opportunity to start on a quest that leads you to the main focal point of the game: astral ship travel. Yes, many sites and info guides talk about classes, PvP, runes and other things regarding Allods Online, but the main point is to travel the vast astral in search of undiscovered allods or battling in ships over contested allods.

Getting started with the quests for the astral ship can be a bit tricky because a lot of it is left very vague. However, this Allods Online astral ship contract quest guide will help in getting the basics down for starting and finishing the quests necessary for building an astral ship.

Astral Ships Start With The Novograd Guide

An astral ship in flight

Throughout your journeys in Allods Online you may notice that the central Novograd NPC Guide will continually have new quests for you every so-many-levels. Once you reach level 35, return to Novograd and talk to the Guide who will give you the starting quest for constructing an astral ship.

Take note, though, the actual construction on an astral ship doesn’t begin until you first get permission to start construction. Yes, it’s a long-winded series of chain quests and ultimately not everyone will get their own ship unless they play their cards right and acquire all the necessary resources first.

The Guide will lead players to the Historians just outside Novograd central, located at the dock tower. Talk to the ship master NPCs inside the tower to receive the astral ship contract quest, which requires three contracts and 1500 gold.

The Three Contracts: Free-Traders

An astral ship on the docks

Building an astral ship doesn’t start right away, first and foremost you’ll be required to gather permission to receive supplies from various factions in order to build the ship. Hence, three contracts are required in total, one from the Free-Traders, one from the Historians and one from the Demon Hunters.

The first contract – and the easiest to acquire – is the Free-Trader contract. This quest is chain-linked through Coldberg. It starts with the Gibberling NPCs inside the hut regarding the three conspirators. Complete the quest and then the NPC will grant you with the quest to do the raiding quest, ‘Battle for the Mines’.

Upon completing the mine quest, return to the Free-Trader to retrieve the first contract; and unfortunately the contracts are bound and cannot be placed in a bank or storage facility.

The Three Contracts: Historians

Firing an astral cannon at another astral ship

Even though all three contracts can be completed in no particular order, it is best advised to do them in the order of: Free-Trader, Historian, Demon Hunters, because that’s the order of difficulty they go in. And the higher level you are the easier it will be to complete them. The Historians contract quest is similar to the Free-Trader quest…it’s multi-chained through a variety of quests.

However, the Historians contract quest can be completed rather easily in a party considering that all the quests that must be completed in conjunction with the contract are all right together on the north and south dark shard allods in Avilon. The final chain includes investigating the vampire citadel in the center of the map.

After completing the chain and teleporting out of the citadel, the turn-in NPC will give you the Historian contract for astral ship supplies.

The Three Contracts: Demon Hunters

An overview of the ship deck

The last of the three contracts, and obviously the hardest, is the Demon Hunters contract on Dragon Ring. This series of quests must be completed on the dreaded Dragon Ring allod, which is part of the Holy Land archipelagoes. It’s required to complete the main quest line from the League Commander, in which players will end up on Drakefang isle to talk to the dragon NPC and defeat Gorluxor. If you need help with the quests and locations be sure to refer to the Dragon Ring quest guide.

Unlike the previous two contracts, the Demon Hunter contract quest is rather straightforward once you get to Drakefang isle. However, the isles themselves can prove to be very difficult to navigate and quest on, so it’s best advised to take a team in to complete the contract quest for the Demon Hunters. The turn-in is the League NPC on the Dusky Isle.

Three Contracts Down 1500 Gold To Go

A passenger ship

There’s not much that can be said about this part of the quest. Oftentimes other players recruited guild members to help with this part; however it can also be beneficial to make use of the level 3 patronage, as well.

Most level 40s use their level 3 patronage to acquire three treasures a day, along with doing the daily reputation quests for Imbued bandages, and then selling the ones they don’t need. This is a good way to make extra cash and usually it results in about 100 through 200 gold per day. If you need help in figuring out how to make use of level 3 patronage refer to the Allods Online rune guide, which explains using patronage to obtain three treasures a day.

Once you get the 1500 gold and complete the contracts it’s time to turn in the quest to the astral ship NPC outside Novograd at the tower near the docks. After that, it’s time to start the construction of your very own astral ship.

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