Farming Kinah In Aion

Farming Kinah In Aion
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Farming Kinah In Aion

(Please Note This Guide Is For Mid 30’s, A separate article will cover Level 50 Farming due to the shear lack of level 50’s in game currently.)

Most think with the outrageous prices of your level 30 wings currently priced at 1,000,000 Kinah, and the Wings at level 40 priced at 12,000,000 Kinah that this is a lot more than should be charged given the current state of most server economies. With current prices and some of the best farming methods, It would take nearly a week per million Kinah to the average player. Therefore you are looking at around three months before you could even afford your level 40 wings, and that is farming multiple hours every single day of the week. Problems are bots are posting most things in the thousands per day dropping all the prices making it very difficult really to earn much in the broker. Many people belief the grind is very slow, and time it takes to work gathering is just as slow. If you would like assistance in leveling or gathering information, check out Gathering And Leveling In Aion. This is a great resource.

There are however a few items to farm Kinah that generally always sell well even at a lower price if needed. Titanium, and Adamantium are going to be your biggest sellers. Remember it will vary sometimes substantially based on server, however due to high demand for these items they usually sell very well. Titanium requires a skill of 100 to extract, and Adamantium requires a skill level of 200 to extract.

Best location for Titanium is: Eltnen Forest-Titanium

You just circle hitting all Titanium nodes, and hope for those high grades. However high grade does not account for a lot of your hourly amount, it does help to boost it up.

Best Location for Adamantium is: Eltnen Forest-Adamantium

Simply circle and keeping in mind you have the chance for high grade and pure from Adamantium. At this stage in the game this is one of the most profitable ores to farm due to shear demand.

Aether Extraction:

Since the random gas that stops you from farming until you enter the random letters. This has aided in preventing bots from mass farming Aether. The prices on most servers for Aether has become really high. However to be an effective Aether farmer you need a lot of +flight gear and the best wings you can get at your level. As you progress passed level 35 you will begin finding that a lot of gear will begin stacking + flight time. I would not recommend you even attempt in farming Aether for - kinah unless one of the following conditions are met:

Inflated prices on your server

Have over two minutes of flat flight time

Farming to level your Aether Gathering

For a list of gear that has the flight time on it you can visit the Aion main website at:

Aion Main Webpage On Flying In Game.


There are a few other things that sell fairly well but are difficult to mass farm. The above listed two items are your best bet in general for overall kinah produced on a hourly basis. Remember the higher your vitality extraction is the quicker you will extract the ore, therefore highly increasing your overall profit per hour. How much you are able to get on a hourly basis though changes substantially depending on how many bots and players are in that same area farming. Best hours to farm is in the early morning or late evening when everyone is sleeping. This is when you will experience your highest kinah per hour.

A few additional things you may want to look into is Aion Profession Guide. This will aid you in leveling, and working up your professions.

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