Pros and Cons of Aion

Pros and Cons of Aion
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Pros and Cons of Aion

Aion in general is a good game. As with any game it has the things you love, and dislike about any game. Of course any MMO has issues at launch for instance class balance, bots, gold spammers. This is to be expected at least to a certain degree. Aion takes some of these to the extreme level which is slowly leading to the demise of Aion. Overall most people love and enjoy the game, the shear amount of Con’s however that they have yet to address is why many have chosen to leave game. In hopes to come back later when everything is fixed. Including the gathering of Kinah however Fast Kinah In Aion is a great article to aid in your finding methods of farming.

Pro’s Of Aion


*Example of Graphics of Aion*

  • Unique style for pvp
  • In Game UI is fairly new player friendly for the most part.
  • Build in quest objective tracker is always a plus in any game.
  • Abyss open PVP is fun even though most will run to guards before dieing stopping you from killing them.
  • Wonderful graphics look very pretty.
  • One of the best tutorial options ever seen in a MMO. This makes learning the game very easy for those who actually go thru it.

Con’s Of Aion

  • Nearly more bots than there are human players. NC Soft has said they are banning them, however sometimes some bots are still in game that existed since the initial launch of the game in the United States.

  • Gold Spammers have been reduced by a lot since the initial launch. Now though they still spam in the traditional methods while also setting up shops and advertising thru the shop descriptions. This makes it very difficult to see legitimate shops that actual players have up, because bots always spam high population areas. For instance, broker, bank, by Teleportation pads and more.

  • The grind is horrid, to my knowledge there has never been such a slow leveling game that I am aware of.

  • Lack of money or Kinah is another major downfall. You usually use the bulk of any money you have just supporting your gear, and soul healing from when you die. For example every time I die it takes me 15 minutes of farming just to make up for that lost amount of Kinah. This makes it difficult to get your level 30 wings at a bit under one million kinah, or your level 40 wings at around 12 million kinah. If you are not aware of how flying works then check out Flying In Aion for additional information. This also does not count potions, enchantments and many other things that you would need kinah for.

  • PVE being way too easy, really is very little challenge to most of their PVE content.

  • In open pvp in the abyss, everyone always runs to guards and rarely actually fights to the death, because they know if they get low they fly away to a guard and most classes have no way to stop them from doing this.

  • Lag from doing any sieges on fortresses due to cry engine. They have reduced this to a certain degree but still not nearly enough. Running a high end system you still will lag to the point you disconnect.

  • Random disconnects out of the blue for no reason at all.

  • Incompatible with certain video cards as of the recent patch, and still has yet to be fixed. Some that ran the game fine before is no longer working for unknown reasons as their Tech Support disagrees stating nothing is wrong.

  • Abyss point distribution is entirely broken for healers. The AP is given out based on the amount of damage your group, and only your group. If you heal someone outside your group but within your alliance, or stop to res or buff someone outside your group again you are in essence hurting the overall AP that you will earn. This has been broken since launch, and however they say it is fixed is totally unbalanced against healers. Many healers have begun refusing to heal for alliances (raids) due to this fact.

  • Can not whisper or mail to anyone until you reach level 10.

  • Lack of quest gear makes it difficult to maintain a descent level of gear unless you buy or craft it.

  • Lack of quests, there is certain areas that you will run out of quests and can do nothing but endlessly grind until you level maybe up to twice depending on how much grinding you did prior to.

Asmo’s Hiding

*Bored waiting for Asmo’s to actually come out and fight away from the guards in the open pvp area called the Abyss*


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