Online Guide For Rohan Blood Feud

Online Guide For Rohan Blood Feud
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PVP Starts At level 30…Let The Grinding Begin!

You may have heard of ijji Game’s PvP-based, free-to-play MMORPG, R.O.H.A.N Blood Feud (renaissance of human and nature) but figured you might want to pass because it’s just another MMORPG. Well, I won’t blame you for skipping out on this one, but for those of you who feel like you need a little helping hand or a beginner’s guide for quickly getting to level 30 so you can start PvP’ing, then you definitely came to the right place.

If you don’t know what Rohan: Blood Feud is about, it’s just another medieval fantasy game featuring guilds, customizable weapons, a very deep crafting mechanic and a vengeance system for the perpetual PvP system. But enough small talk, you came here for a guide and a guide is what you’ll get.

Getting Started With The Tutorial

This is one of those games where the men and women look alike

The game sports seven different classes. I would say each has their own trait and look but the only thing you need to know is that Giants are like Humans on the game except bigger and badder. Dekan’s are also quite similar to Humans except they can transform. Elves are primarily mages or priest and focus on healing and are opposite of the Dark Elves who focus on killing and destroying. Half-elves are archers (and yes, only a half-elf can be an archer/bowman) and the Dhan’s work as the assassins of the game…basically dual-wielding katars and being able to stealthily sneak around and stab people in the back.

For the most part, you’re either going to be a fighter, mage or archer. That’s primarily what the classes break down to (with the exception of the Dhan’s who can mask their names for assassination purposes). The most important aspect of creating a character, though, lies in the option of the tutorial. I know, I know, turotials are lame and for “noobs”. However, unlike a lot of other MMOs that toss the player out there and try to guide them into the feel of the game during the ever-so-annoying low-level grinding quest-fest, players can actually take it easy in the tutorial phase of Rohan and level-up. During the tutorial – when they direct you to head to the monster area – be sure to stay there for a while and kill as many of the monsters as possible…in fact, the tutorial phase of the game is one of the best places to gain experience up until level 8 or 9.

Once you get close to level 10 then it’s time to head out into the real world.

Refining Your Reputation

Refining can be costly but it’s worth it

The best way to level up and get to 30 in Rohan is questing, no doubt. It follows a similar pattern to the questing in Fly for Fun. If you try to aimlessly grind you could be doing it for weeks on end and still not reach level 30…seriously. Following the level specific quests is a pretty good way to achieve the level 30 goal quickly but finding a few monsters higher in level is also a good way to earn extra exp.

In order to fight baddies several levels higher, you’ll need to make use of the level refining (and maybe the status refiner) for armor and weapons possibly too high for your character. Simply head into town and check the map for the symbols that look like down arrows…they shouldn’t be tough to find and the tutorial (if you followed it) should explain how to use the level and status refiner.

If you don’t have decent armor or weapons for your level then don’t be afraid to forge some new ones. Be sure to check out the weaponsmith and armorsmith for armor that’s within your level range (or within range of being refined). If you manage to acquire level 12 armor but you’re level 10 then just refine it by 2 levels…it’ll cost you some cash (i.e., crones) but it’s definitely worth spending. Take note, though, it’s best to avoid refining anything that takes too much of your money. If an item requires three quarters of your spending money, then avoid refining it and save up some extra crones until you can comfortably afford to spend the money to refine the item.

Adventurer For Hire

That’s a long walk…

There are plenty of quests available for each race in each town, specific to each level. It shouldn’t be too hard finding a few adequate quests that offer up some decent crones and, unfortunately, are easy enough to repeat over. Yes, you’ll need to repeat quests in this game a lot because completing them once just isn’t enough to level quickly or earn the cash required to obtain the necessary gear to make grinding a breeze.

Try completing as many of the level-specific quests as you can before settling with repeating a high-paying, high-experience quest. Usually the quests that allow you to repeat them conveniently are the best (killing 20 Dexter’s or laying waste to a dozen or so Lancer Sentry). One particular quest requires grinding on a few handful of Corsairs, which is perfect for players trying to reach level 20 but are having a tough time solo’ing some of the tougher monsters leading up to Ahkma Cave.

Avoiding Ahkma Cave

He looks real tough, but he’s a newbie

The one place you don’t want to get stuck is inside Ahkma Cave, constantly battling Ursa for hours on end. While a lot of people populate the cave it’s only a good place to level between 15 and 25. After level 25 it’s time to move away from the cave and fight other monsters or take on other quests. Don’t get lured into fighting the Warrior Ursa when you could be getting better experience, items and money from quests that include taking down two dozen Dexter Fanglord. Don’t worry, though, you’ll have to return to Ahkma once you hit level 30.

Taking A Peek At The Watchtower

Someone forgot about the cookies in the oven

After about level 24 a new series of missions should become available (for most races) at Kai’non. There are a few repeatable missions in the city and at the Tempest Watchtower that should work as a good place to earn some extra dough and seamlessly level-up, too.

Two missions in particular are the Fanglord molar quest and the Risen Paladin quest, which are right next to each other and together can easily bring in 10,000 crones each time the two of them are completed. These missions are excellent for grinding out a couple of levels and getting close to the level 30 finish line. If you have the proper equipment try taking on a few Skeletal Riders near the Risen Paladin, as they’ll help make the grinding process that much easier.

Level 30 And Beyond

Level 30…now you’re a pimp

If you’re still having a tough time landing the 30 mark you can try the northern areas of Kai’non and battle a few Lancer Commanders or the Northeast territories of Einhoren where the Wraiths and Assassin NPCs roam. I’ll be honest with you all, though, from 29 to 30 you might find it to be a little nerve-wrecking trying to find a decent place to level that isn’t too high but with a decent amount of experience.

Nevertheless, after reaching level 30 the game easily picks up and more quests become available. That’s not to mention that players are eligible for using mounts and a boatload of other nifty items. Hopefully this beginner’s guide helped you on your merry way, and if you need more info on Rohan: Blood Feud, be sure to visit the Official Website.

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