LOTRO: MoM First Steps – Getting Your First Legendary Weapon and Getting Into Moria

The Best Way of Doing It

I am a little guilt ridden about telling you to sort of skip things then go back, particularly since one of the great parts of an expansion is all the new virgin territory to explore at your own pace. You will want to get into Moria eventually though, and there are a few things you may as well set in motion in the meantime. This coincides with getting your Legendary Weapon.

New Places to See

Eregion is south of Rivendell and the Trollshaws. You can reach the new area through Tal Bruinen or Giant Valley. Eregion has 4 settlements: Gwingris and Mirobel in the North and South West, respectively; Echad Eregion, just West of the map’s center; and East and slightly South of Echad Eregion is Echad Dunann. Just East of there is a gate where you can talk to a dwarf called Rathwald and start Volume 2 of the Epic Books (you did already do the Prologue in Rivendell right? It’s been out since Book 14).

As you work through these rather short and entirely soloable quests, you will be offered Expedition Quests. These will be booted from your quest log upon completion of Chapter 8 of the main path, so you have to do them first if you want to do them at all. The loot isn’t that great, but remember, you’re getting XP again now. More importantly, completing all of the Expedition Quests, and they aren’t hard or out of the way or requiring a Fellowship or such, unlocks a special session play instance: The Fall of Moria. I don’t want to ruin any surprises, but you meet some A-List Middle-Earth VIPs, and the graphics in there alone are worth seeing.

Why Can’t I Just Say Mellon?

If you will recall, the Fellowship entered Moria in a hurry, leaving a rather angry set of tentacles outside the door. When the Dwarves you are trying to help run into this thing with you in Chapter 8, none of your weapons do any good. Luckily they have a plan, which you will discover in Chapters 9 and 10.

The reward for Chapter 10 is a Legendary Weapon. Like any Legendary Item when you find it, it will be Unidentified. Your next step will be either to talk to Dithalion at the forge in Rivendell if you are a Hobbit or Elf; or Wafi at Thorin’s Hall if you are a Dwarf or Man. They are both standing next to a Forge-Master. These new NPCs perform two Legendary Item functions; Identification and Reforging. We explain both of those along with other features of the Legendary Item system, and get you the rest of the way to Moria, it the next article.

This post is part of the series: More Than Mellon: Getting Your First Legendary Weapon and Entering Moria

Moria is in the expansion’s title, and the Legendary Items are very hotly anticipated; I mean dwarf-forge hot. We’ll tell you how to get going on both.
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