LOTRO: MoM - Readying Your Legendary Weapon for Moria

LOTRO: MoM - Readying Your Legendary Weapon for Moria
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We’re assuming this is the Legendary Weapon you got from the dwarves outside of Moria in Volume 2, Book I, and that you are now on Chapter 10. If you are working with another Legendary Item, just ignore references to Dithalion and Wafi and use any of the Forge-Masters found in though out the high-level areas.

Name that Weapon

Take that Unidentified Weapon to Dithalion in Rivendell or Wafi in Thorin’s Hall. They will tell you to get it identified by the adjacent Forge Master. You will be seeing a lot of these NPCs for the rest of your time in Middle Earth. Identifying your weapon does two things: You will be able to equip it and its Legacies will be revealed. Legacies are the buffs you can spend points on to increase their Rank as your item levels up.

Equip the Weapon and talk to Dithalion or Wafi again. Now they want you to slot a Relic in your weapon. You have already picked some of these up as quest rewards, but they aren’t kept in your inventory, thank Ea, so you may not have noticed. Click the little sword button (just to the left of the big sword button for auto attack) or press Shift + I.

This will bring up the Legendary Items window, pictured at right. The tabs along the top (in the yellow rectangle) take you to the different Legendary Items you have slotted. The left pane (in red) lists the Legacies. You can rank them up by clicking one to highlight it than clicking the Rank Up button below.

The right pane (blue) shows your available Relics, divided between the Settings, Gems, and Runes tabs. You can have one of each slotted on each item, and the ones that are slotted in the item you are looking at appear above the pane (orange). Choose one and hit the Slot Relic button below the pane. Do this for each of the three Relics tabs, or as many as you have appropriate Relics for.

Now you can talk to Dithalion/Wafi again, and he will explain that you need to level the weapon up.

No Moria Yet

Before you can take another crack at getting past the Watcher in the Water and into Moria proper, the dwarves want you to get that Legendary Weapon to level 10. To be fair, they did give it to you, and it would be a shame if it ended up being used as a toothpick by the Watcher.

The weapon will get experience from combat, though not benefit from your Rested XP bonus. Quests will not give Item XP unless it is specified as a reward for the quest. You will also find rewards or drops that can be right clicked to convert them into Item XP. If you have a nice raid-loot or crafted weapon, the Legendary might not be quite as good right of the bat, but it levels quickly and you will soon forget all about your previous weapon.

So have fun, enjoy the new area of Eregion, tons of quests in there. Or start tracking down materials for all the new crafting content. You will get a graphic effect, a chat message, and an icon at the right edge of your screen whenever your Item levels. Clicking on the icon will take you to the tab of the item in the Legendary Items window that has leveled. You can spend the points you receive on ranking up your Legacies in the left pane immediately, or save them up to buy more costly improvements. Note that you can also increase base DPS the way you do the other Legacies.

Now You Are Ready

When your Item hits level 10 you will need to go talk to Dithalion or Wafi again. They will explain that you need to Re-Forge it. Do this via the nearby Forge Master NPC. At this point, you can rename the weapon (just type the desired name over the old one), and have the option of stripping its slotted Relics and Legacy Progress. This puts the Relics back in that pane of the window, returns the Legacies to their baselines, and refunds the points. Using these options is good as having 10 levels worth of points all at once is great for driving up one Legacy or the base DPS, which can get really expensive point wise. More importantly, Re-Forging improves an existing Legacy or adds a new one to the Item, which might change how you want to spend your points.

Probably the biggest impact Re-Forging has is that, every ten levels, your Item won’t be able to earn XP till you have it Re-Forged… so forgetting that is to be avoided.

Back to the Gates

Once your weapon is forged anew, Dithalion/Wafi sends you back to see the dwarves trying to get into Moria. A couple conversations and an easy but exciting Instance later, and you are allowed into Moria. There is also someone waiting to reward you with a class specific item, like a Songbook for a Minstrel. These Legendary Items are similar to Weapons, leveling and using relics the same way, but they are there just for buffs and obviously have no DPS component.

There is a lot more to discover about the Legendary Item system, but we got you started, and now that you just got into Moria, you have plenty of exploring to do. Have fun! We’ll tell you more about how to get the most out of your Legendary Items later.

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