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Your Guide to Runescape Armor

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/10/2012 • Leave a comment

Part three of our series in the Runescape Guidebook deals with armor. It will show you the materials and the types of armor, and will link you to fuller pieces of the individual items.

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    Armor is that which is worn to help give defense during battles and combat. They try to reduce the damage taken as well as the chance that the wearer will end up hit in that battle. There are many varieties of armor in the game of Runescape.

    Armor in Runescape has different levels for different material. When you are seeking out different types of armor to use for your character remember that it is all about the material of the armor and not generally the kind of armor that is it. Don’t foolishly buy pieces that you are going to be unable to wear.

    Armor Material by Defense

    • Bronze and Iron – Both only need a defense level of one to wear.
    • Steel – These armor pieces need a level five defense to wear.
    • White (members only) – Also known as White Knight, you need a level ten defense.
    • Black – You need to have a defense of a level ten to wear.
    • Mithril – This armor takes a defense level of twenty to wear.
    • Adamantite – This will require a level thirty defense for you to wear.
    • Rune – This armor will require you to have a forty in defense.
    • Granite (members only) – Will require you to have a fifty in defense to wear it.
    • Dragon (members only) – Will have a defense needed of 60 for you to wear it.

    Armor by Types

    There are melee armor pieces, mage armor pieces, and ranged armor pieces. Depending on if you are the type to use much hand to hand combat, spells, or a bow; that will determine the type of armor you are going to need. Each section here will have a clickable link to open up a larger article on that specific type of armor type.

    Melee armor in the free Runescape game has helmets, chain, shields, and many other items in various forms of the non members only materials that are listed above. These are all the armor that your player will be able to use if you aren’t a member and choose to play the free version of the game.

    Melee armor in the Members Only Runescape has a wider variety in both the type and the materials the armor is made of. It will include every one of the free editions armor pieces, and it will add much more to it.

    Ranged Armor includes spined and leather armor, and there isn’t much for the free edition players (Leather, Hardened, and Studded are the only free ranged armor pieces). However there are many different types for the members edition gamer, so it pays to look over the different types to see what ones you’ll need.

    Mage Armor includes only the mage robes in the free edition, although there are several pieces of armor for the members edition player. These are the armor pieces that will give casting boosts and help in shielding off certain attacks. It is the spellcaster armor and will not help much for the ranged or the melee attack.