The Runescape Range Pure Guide: Level 1 and 40

The Runescape Range Pure Guide: Level 1 and 40
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A Range pure is a Runescape player whose main attack is Range. Range pures often have 99 Range and will attack by what is known as farcasting in Runescape. Although Magers usually are called farcasters, Range attacks are considered to be a far cast since they attack from a far distance. Range pures often use Magic attacks, like teleblock to block players from teleporting and one of the three holding Magic spells to stop other players from running, which are Bind, Snare, or Entangle.

There are different types of Range pures. There is the level 1 Defense Range pure, level 40 defense Range pure, level 70 defense Range pure, and the maxed Range pure. Of course, there are some types in between, and many different variations of pures; however, these are the 4 most basic types of Range pures that all other Range pures are based off.

Level 1 Defense Range Pure

This is the most basic and lowest level Range pure. Often times, 1 Defense Range pures will have all other combat stats, besides maybe Magic, Prayer, and of course Hit Points, all at level 1. This will result in a combat level close to 75. With these, you will only be able to use hard leather armor. However, you are able to use almost every bow, depending on the quests you have finished. Usually for PKing, you will use a Magic short bow or a Rune crossbow for members, P2P. For F2P, you will most likely use the maple shortbow.

Pking with a 1 Defense Range pure is fairly simple. All you have to do is attack people around your level, but make sure to teleblock them so they can’t teleport and hold them from running with one of the three magic spells.

Level 40 Defense Range Pure

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The 40 Defense Range pure is the pure wearing green dragonhide armor. They have a combat level of around 90, which depends on the Range pure’s Prayer level. They use the same weapons as level 1 Defense Range pures. The only real difference is their defense level and the armor that they can wear.

You can also decide to get 50 Defense to wear blue dragonhide, or get up to 60 defense for red dragonhide armor. All of these PK the same as the level 40 Defense Range pure, having only different defense and combat levels, making it somewhat more dangerous and harder to PK with.

Level 70 Defense Range Pure

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The level 70 Defense Range pure opens up new options for PKers. For one, they get to use black dragonhide armor, the best out of all the colors of dragonhides. The second perk 70 Defense pures get is to use some of the Barrows Armour. You now have the chance to wear Karil’s armor that gives great Defense and Range attack bonuses. Although it is a little pricey, it is worth taking out at least one item, like the skirt or top, in order to boost your ability to PK against Melee and Mage PKers. You can also chose to use the Karil’s crossbow; however, my weapon of choice would be a Rune crossbow with either Diamond bolts (e) or Dragon bolts, because of their wicked special attacks. You should also wear an Amulet of Fury, Dragon boots, an Archer’s ring, and an Obby shield.

With this pure, there is no doubt you should be using Entangle and Teleblock. However, if you have Ancient Magics, you may want to try PKing deep with Ice Blitz or Ice Burst, depending on your Magic level. This will attack your opponent, while also freezing them. After you cast the Ice attack, they will most likely pray Magic. If they don’t pray magic, keep hitting them with Ice attacks. If they do pray Magic, switch over to Range and attack them. Keep switching attack styles and try to catch them off guard with it, which will ultimately kill them if they stay frozen and can’t teleport.

The Maxed Range Pure

The Maxed Range pure is basically the same as the level 70 Defense Range pure. The only difference between the two pures is that Maxed Range pures must have 99 Range, 99 Defense, 99 Hitpoints, and most likely 99 Magic. Prayer levels and Summoning levels all differ from player to player, but it must have those three level 99 skills.

The armor is basically the same set up; however, many Maxed Range pures that PK will probably spend more money to get bigger and better items as they earn more money. Once you are a Maxed Range pure, you will probably start to earn some very good money as you will be able to down many of the other PKers, simply because of your maxed out skills. A Maxed Range pure is around a level 106 if it has level 1 Attack and level 1 Strength. Could you imagine fighting a level 106 with four level 99 skills?!? Talk about getting owned if you have all level 70-90 skills spread out over all the combat skills!

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