The 99 Defence Guide: How to Get 99 Defence in Runescape

The 99 Defence Guide: How to Get 99 Defence in Runescape
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The Best Armor for Training to 99 Defence

The best armor for training Defence in Runescape actually depends on your Defence level. In order to see what armor you can currently wear, click on your Defence level and browse the armor to find the best defense armor your current Defence level allows you to wear.

When Runescape players reach level 40+ Defence, it is not unusual to see those players wearing Rune platelegs. Why are Rune platelegs popular? They are cheap and provide a decent amount of defense bonus, when compared to other armor choices in the same price range. Also, there is always a good supply of them in the Grand Exchange, selling at decent prices.

The Best Defence Training Weapons

Usually, at lower levels, it is common to use the best scimitar possible through until the player reaches level 60 Attack and can wield Dragon items. Common dragon weapons used to train Defence include a Dragon long sword and scimitar.

Once level 70+ Attack is reached, the best weapon for training Defence in Runescape is the Abyssal whip. Although this statement can be argued and may spark many comments to this article, let me explain.

First, the whip provides fast attacks. Also, it only takes up the right arm of a Runescape character, so a rune or dragon defender can be equipped, as well. Finally, the Abyssal whip provides consistent, high damaging hits to monsters and other opponents.

Other weapons commonly used to train Defence in Runescape are godswords; however, these cost several million gb.

Please leave comments with what you think the best weapon is for training Defence in Runescape and why?

The Best Places to Get 99 Defence Fast

99 defence guide

As featured in the both the 99 Attack guide and the 99 Strength guide, the best places to train Defence, or any melee skill in Runescape; is either at Giant Spiders or Bandits.

The first place many people train, once they become serious about training to 99 Defence, is at giant spiders. To learn everything you need to know about training at the Giant Spiders training spot, please check out The Giant Spider Training Guide.

Although Giant Spiders are a great way to get easy and fast experience when training to 99 Defence, seeing the same green level in the Stronghold of Security and hundreds of “giant” spiders crawling around may become redundant. Another great place to train is at Bandits.

Training at Bandits does cost a little more than training at Giant Spiders; however, Bandits provide slightly higher and more consistent experience. For all the information required to know how to train at Bandits, please check out The Bandit Training Guide.

Special Items for Defence Bonuses

Wearing special items when training Defence, or any other combat skill; can speed up the long journey to obtaining 99 Defence. Some special items, which can help speed up the journey of training to 99 Defence; include the Recipe for Disaster gloves, a Berserker ring, an Amulet of Glory, an Amulet of Fury and several other items providing very good combat bonuses to deflect damage from the monsters and to help hit them more consistently.

Jagex, the creator of Runescape, is always incorporating new items to help players gain faster experience while training various skills. Always keep your eyes open for these new items by reading their announcements on Runescape’s homepage.

Now that you know some basic tips to getting 99 Defence, hopefully you will be able to obtain 99 Defence easier and faster.


Information: Author, Christopher Kochan, has played Runescape for several years; beginning around the same time as the original wilderness, or “the wild.” He has obtained several level 99 skills, including every combat skill. This guide is based off his experiments and knowledge gained through the time he spent playing.

Images: Author personally took screen shots during his game play, for the purpose of his Bright Hub articles only.

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