Good Places to Train in Runescape: The Giant Spider Training Guide

Good Places to Train in Runescape: The Giant Spider Training Guide
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Giant Spider Training

The first good place to train in Runescape for attack, defense, and strength training is giant spider training. Giant spiders are level 50 and are located on the third floor of the Stronghold of Security in the Barbarian Village. The third floor is the bright green colored floor.

You will need to have completed the first two floors of the stronghold, in order to get down to the third floor to train.

Giant spider training will give you 266 exp for each giant spider you kill, and you can hit fairly high hits on them, as they have low defense. They also have a pretty low attack, so you will be able to train for a good amount of time.

Giant spider training, with 99 Strength, will get around 50k-60k exp per hour, depending on the armor, weapon, and potions used. Speaking of the type of armor, weapon, and potions used, the next section will explain “What to Wear for Giant Spider Training.”

What to Wear for Giant Spider Training

Giant spider training is really not for Runescape players with low defense levels, as you need goo armor to protect from their numerous attacks. Wear the best armor possible, in order to have more defense against the small hits you will receive when giant spider training. If you are training Attack or Defense, use a whip. For Strength, use a dragon scimitar or a Sara Sword, but the Sara Sword is very expensive and most use a dragon scimitar.

For potions, use super potions, if you have extra money to work with. If you’re on a tight budget, use combat potions; they are cheap and leave more room for food. Take 3-4 potions for the first round, with a Varrock teleport tab, and food for the rest of the inventory spots available. See how good this set up is and then make adjustments, as needed, to optimize the training time for every time you have to travel back down to do more giant spider training.

What To Do When Giant Spiders Stop Attacking

Every once in awhile when you are giant spider training, around every 10-20 minutes, the giant spiders will stop attacking. When the giant spiders stop attacking, run outside the room where you are training and get attacked by another creature in a different room on the third floor. This will regenerate your giant spider kill count and they will begin to attack you once you enter the room again. Make sure the other creatures attack you first when you run into another room on the third floor. If you attack the other creature first, your kill count will not reset and you will have to run into another room on the third floor to regenerate the giant spiders for giant spider training.

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