The Complete Runescape 99 Attack Guide: Tips to Getting There Fast

The Complete Runescape 99 Attack Guide: Tips to Getting There Fast
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Many people want the 99 attack cape in Runescape; however, training to 99 attack without knowing the best weapons to train attack, which items can give you attack bonuses, and where are the best places to train attack in Runescape. In order to help Runescape players shorten the time it takes to get 99 attack, here is a Runescape 99 attack guide with tips on how to get 99 attack fast.

As mentioned above, this 99 attack guide will explain tips on how to get 99 attack fast, much faster than it takes many people to get the 99 attack cape in the past. By following this guide, you should be able to get from around 40 attack to 99 attack within a month, provided you train around 4-5 hours a day.

Obviously, if you don’t plan on committing that much time everyday to 99 attack, it will take you longer than a month to get 99 attack. However, using the tips featured in this Runescape 99 Attack Guide can still help you shorten the total time it takes you to get to 99 attack, simply by enabling you to get the most attack experience during the time you spend training.

The Best Weapons for Training Attack in Runescape

The most important training item for attack is the choice of weapon, since there are many different weapons which can be used for training attack. One of the most popular and arguably one of the best weapons for training attack in Runescape is the Abyssal whip.

Runescape attack guide

The Abyssal whip can only really train attack and defense; however, the weapon has a quick attack and is protected over many other items, so you won’t really lose it when you die, unless you have expensive armor or items on, which is a different story. The Abyssal whip costs currently around 3.4 million gp and can be purchased through a private trade or in the grand exchange. In order to use the whip, the player must have 70 attack; so other weapons will be needed to train attack, before using the Abyssal whip to train to 99 attack.

Another good weapon for training attack is the Dragon dagger. The Dragon dagger costs around 30k and can be used once the Lost City quest has been complete. Although the Dragon dagger should not be used as a weapon to consistently train on monsters with, it should be used for the four Dragon dagger special attacks, as it can kill many monsters with only one special attack, as it will make two swipes and hit the targeted monster with two hits. The Dragon dagger requires 60 attack in order to wield the weapon. Dragon daggers can also be used to help get more experience while training to 99 strength or 99 Defence, as well.

Finally, for players who can’t use an Abyssal whip or simply have a low budget to train to 99 attack, the next best weapon for training attack is the Dragon longsword. Requiring 60 attack and the completion of the Lost City quest to wield, the Dragon longsword costs around 60k and can be used to train to 99 attack; however, it’s always a good idea to work towards having the best gear for training attack, in order to get the most amount of experience possible for the time you spend training attack.

Items to Wear in Runescape for Attack Bonuses

There are many different items to wear in Runescape for attack bonuses; however, here are the most common items used when training attack, in order to have the best possibility of hitting high hits against monsters to gain the most experience possible for the time spent training.


Runescape Attack Bonuses

The first item to wear is a good amulet. If you can’t really afford an expensive amulet, the best amulet for attack training would be the Amulet of Power, since it only costs around 4.5K gb and six points to all attack and defense bonuses.

If you have some more money to spend, such as 70k gb, there is the Amulet of Glory, which is a better amulet for training attack, as well as many other Runescape skills. The Amulet of Glory provides ten bonus points to every attack bonus, three bonus points to every defense bonus, six strength bonus points, and three prayer bonus points.

Finally, the best amulet to wear is the Amulet of Fury, which currently costs around 16 million gb. The Amulet of Fury provides ten attack bonus points, 15 defense bonus points, eight strength bonus points, and five prayer bonus points. The Amulet of Fury is the best amulet to wear for training attack in Runescape to 99 attack, since it provides good attack bonuses and great defense bonuses. The fury is also the best amulet for training to 99 defense and 99 strength.


Defenders are great replacements for sheilds, as they provide much more attack, defense, and strength bonuses. Defenders can be acquired from Warriors Guild, by first earning tokens and heading up to the top floor to kill Hill Giants for the defenders. The best defender is the rune defender, which gives great attack and defense bonuses. However, if you have lower than the 40 attack and defense levels needed to wield the rune defender, there are also bronze, iron, steel, and several other defenders before you earn the rune defenders.

The Best Places to Train Attack in Runescape

bandit training

The most important aspect of finding the best place to train attack in Runescape is to find monsters with low defense and high hitpoint levels. If the monster has low defense and high hitpoint levels, you will be able to hit multiple high hits on the monsters. There are several good places to train around Runescape; however, in order to train attack and get 99 attack fast, there are only two places in Runescape that can provide the needed amount of experience while training attack


The two best places to train attack in Runescape is bandit training or giant spider training. Both bandit training and giant spider training will provide very fast training experience, allowing you to get 99 attack fast.

Hopefully, by reading this Runescape 99 Attack Guide, you can put these tips to use and get 99 attack fast.

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