Runescape Guide to Attack Skill Boosters

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Runescape has many skills, Attack being one of them. While most all weapons will give you a slight boost to your attack skill or bonuses, there are things out there that will lift your attack skill. These will be beneficial in combat situations to bring your Attack higher so that you are more skillful.

Jewelry that Boosts Attack

There are a few jewelry items that will up your attack rating. There are different amulets and rings that are designed for this. There are some that are in free play games; however most of them are for the members who have paid characters.

The Beads of the Dead is one such item. It is a member’s only item and it will give +1 for all attack styles. The Amulet of Glory is another member’s only item but it will give a bonus of +10 to all of the attack types. More member items include the warrior ring (+4 to just slash ability) and the Amulet of Fury (+10 to all attack types and a defense boost as well).

The two jewelry items that are for free players that will help you in your attack skill are the Amulet of Power (+6 to all attack types) and the Amulet of Accuracy (+4 to all attack types). Keep in mind that when “attack types” appears that means to crush, stab, and slash. No matter which is your specialty, these items will give a boost to them.

Armor that Boosts Attack

There are those items from the “Recipe for Disaster” quest that will give bonuses to attack, they are members only gloves as well. The amount of boost to the skill depends on the name and type of the glove. Bronze will give a +2 boost to all styles, Iron will give a +3 boost, Steel will give a +4 boost, Black will give +5 boost, Mithril will give +6 boost, Adamantite will give +7 boost, Rune will give +8 boost, Dragon will give +9 boost, and Barrows will give +12 boost to attack.

Temporary Boost to Attack

There are those items that will temporarily boost attack skill, this includes some prayer, some potions, and some drinks. For the freeplay accounts there are the prayers of Clarity of Thought, Improved Reflexes, and Incredible Reflexes. Those give 5%, 10%, and 15% boost respectively. For the members of Runescape that are on paid accounts you have those plus the Chivalry and Piety prayers, giving 15% and 20% boost respectively. There are the drinks of Cup of tea for an increase of 2 and the Zamorak Brew for a 25% boost. There are attack potions for 15% boost, combat potions for 3-12 boost, and the super attack potions for a 20% boost. Finishing up the temporary boosters are the Ruby Harvest for 20%, the Black Mask/Slayer Helm for 15%, and the Salve Amulet for a 15% boost against undead.


As you can see there are indeed several ways to boost your Attack skill in the game of Runescape, whether through temporary means or via more permanent means like the jewelry and armor. Knowing what items will help you give that extra combat edge may mean the difference in life or death in the game.

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