Good Places to Train in Runescape: Bandit Training Guide

Good Places to Train in Runescape: Bandit Training Guide
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Runescape bandits are level 57 and give 272 experience each. Bandit training is a little faster than giant spider training, but bandit training does cost a little more, too. You will need to spend more money, but many people will spend the extra money, in order to get the extra 10-20k more experience gained per hour bandit training, compared to giant spider training. When bandit training, you will be able to gain around 55k to 80k experience per hour, depending on your armor and weapon used while bandit training and your current combat levels.

What to Wear for Bandit Training

Again, like at training at giant spiders, you will want to have the best strength bonus possible while having good defense while Bandit training. This means wearing the best armor possible. There is one important item that must be incorporated in your armor, and that is a god item. A god item will get the bandits to attack you. You can wear an unholy book, a piece of god armor, or a god cape.

If you are wearing rune, the best thing to do is substitute a piece of your rune armor for a piece of god armor. I usually wear Zamorak platelegs, but you can choose any piece of armor and it can be from any one of the gods. After you have that on, you can wear anything else that will boost your stength and defense levels the most. The rune defender, glory amulet, fury amulet, Helm of Netiznot, and the fighter torso are all items that will help boost your strength for the best Bandit training.

Items to Bring to the Bandit Training Spot

In your inventory, you will want to bring items in bulk. This means bringing many items, like food and potions, noted. I usually bring 100 noted potions and 500 noted food. You can bring more or less if you would like. Then bring a set of un-noted potions, either super potions or combat potions, a teleport tab, un-noted food, and lots of money; I usually take 250k. You will need the noted items and money to sell and re-buy the items at the store in the middle of the Bandit Camp. This saves the 10-20 minutes that it takes to get to the bank and back.

Directions to the Bandit Training Spot at the Bandit Camp

Bandit Training Camp

To get to the bandit training spot, use a dueling ring and teleport to Duel Arena. Walk straight south from the Duel Arena, until you hit the entrance to the desert. You will need to purchase a Shanty Pass to go through the gate into the desert. Right as you enter the desert, walk south-east and after a couple of steps, you will run into a man who gives carpet rides. You will need to take off your weapon and then pay 200 gb for a carpet ride to the Bedabin Camp. Once here, walk straight south and you will run into a group of 5 tents and buildings.

You will want to train in the three outer tents and buildings that contain 2 or 3 bandits. The big, southern building is the best as it has 3 bandits. There is a way to train in the bar with the level 74 bandits, but you will need tons of prayer pots and it will cost a lot more than training at the level 57’s.

When you run out of supplies, simply walk to the center tent that is the shop. Sell your supplies and then buy them to obtain more supplies. You may choose to wear a ring of wealth. This will give you many Grimy Rannar drops from bandit training, which will actually make you money if you bank every time you have a full load of them!

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