Runescape 99 Strength Guide: The Fastest Way to Train to 99 Strength

Runescape 99 Strength Guide: The Fastest Way to Train to 99 Strength
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In the online world of Runescape, there are many skills a player can train and gain experience in; however, there are only three melee attack skills, which include attack, defense, and strength. Many people find Runescape strength training as being the most beneficial skill to train, as the higher a players Runescape strength skill, the higher they will be able to hit.

In order to get the maximum strength level, here is a guide on how to get 99 strength fast. With this guide on the fastest way to get 99 strength, the maximum strength level can be accomplished in less than 30 days of Runescape strength training!

Best Place to Train Strength in Runescape

In order to train strength fast, you want to find monsters with low defence, so you can hit high, consistent hits and gain the most experience during the time you spend training strength in Runescape. Although there are several good places to train in Runescape; however, there are only two spots which are the best places to train strength, or any other melee skill.

The two best places to train strength in Runescape is bandit training, as explained in the bandit training guide; or giant spider training, which is explained in the giant spider guide. Both bandit training and giant spider training will provide very fast training experience, allowing you to get 99 strength fast.

Runescape Strength Bonuses for Fast Training

Runescape strength bonuses are one of the most important factors to get very high hits against any monster or opponent you may be fighting. For strength training, you want to wield items which increase strength bonuses. The best Runescape strength bonus items range from weapons to gloves.

Runescape Strength Weapons

The best Runescape strength bonus items are the Runescape strength weapons. The best Runescape strength weapon is the Saradomin sword, which gives 82 strength bonus and two prayer bonus, when wielding the sword. Although the weapon is the ideal weapon for fast Runescape strength training, it comes with a heafty price tag of around $8 million gb.

As many Runescape players can’t afford the Saradomin sword, the next best Runescape strength weapon is the dragon scimitar. The dragon scimitar gives 66 strength bonus and has a very quick attack. In order to wield the dragon scimitar and use it for strength training, one must complete the Monkey Madness quest. This is also a great wepon for training defence, as featured in the 99 Defence Guide.

Other Strength Bonus Items

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Other Runescape strength bonuses can be found in amulets, defenders, and, as already stated, gloves.

There are three amulets which will give strength bonuses. The first is the amulet of strength, which costs around 2.5k gb and gives and added 10 strength bonus. The second amulet is the amulet of glory, which costs around 80k gb and only gives 6 strength bonus; however, the amulet of glody provides 3 prayer bonus and great defense bonuses, as well. Finally, the third amulet with a strength bonus is the amulet of fury. Although the amulet of fury costs an investment of around 18 million gp, it gives 8 strength bonus, 5 prayer bonus, and many other attack and defense bonuses, which can all be very helpful when you are strength training far from the nearest bank.

Instead of using a shield, one can wield a defender, which is acquired from the top of the Warriors Guild. The best defender is the rune defender, which gives great defense bonuses and 5 strength bonus. There are also bronze, iron, steel, and several other defenders before you earn the rune defenders, in case you don’t have the required level 40 attack and level 40 defense needed to wield the rune defender.

By using the tips on the best place to train strength, the best Runescape strength weapons and the several Runescape strength bonuses explain in this 99 strength guide, you should be able to get 99 strength within a few weeks!

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