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Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 5): The DDS Pure

by: Christopher Kochan ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/10/2012 • Leave a comment

Think the G Maul Pure owns? Move onto the DDS Pure! The DDS Pure will get you many kills and more money! Learn about the armor, the the weapons, and the strategy for pking with the DDS Pure in this Runescape Pking Rs Guide.

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    The DDS Pure

    The DDS pure is, in a way, the same as the G Maul pure, but better! You will be able to hit higher, have more special attacks, and be faster!

    The DDS Pure has the requirements of 60 Attack, 99 Strength, and 1 Defense. It's only 10 levels in Attack above the G Maul Pure, but it lets you use dragon items. To get these levels up, since you still have 1 Defense, you need to train at Rock Crabs. Rock Crabs can be found in Relleka and a way to get there is explained in the "Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 3.2): The Obby Maul Pure (Part 2)" and a map is also provided to show the way to the spot.

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    The DDS Pure Items

    The DDS Pure has the dds as the main weapon. The dds has three names that are used amongst players in the game; the dds, ddp++, and the dragon dagger poison++. Other weapons to be used are the dragon longsword or the dragon scimitar. The dragon scimitar has a requirement to use it, which is the completion of a long, sort of difficult quest called "Monkey Madness" or "mm" for short in the game.

    The armor is the same as the G Maul Pure. Monk robes or full iron for the armor. A strength ammulet for your neckalce with your choice of any cape. Mithril gloves, the Unholy Book for a shield, and gray climbing boots for your feet. If you need to know how to get those, take a look at "Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 4): The G Maul Pure" as it will explain how to get these items.

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    How to Pk with the DDS Pure

    The DDS pure really opens up your door to more choices. You can attack higher levels, meaning you will be able to earn more money by pking. You can also choose to K.O. the lower level noobs, which is good fun and instead of you being the target, you can target them!

    You can either 1v1 or join a clan with this pure. I will not explain how to pk in a clan, because I will explain every tactic to pking in a clan in a later article. When you are soloing in this pure, your strategy should be to find someone easier or comparable to your account. If your feeling touch, you can always go for the higher levelers, but it has more risk!

    Attack your opponent with the dragon scimitar or longsword. If you want, you can run in opening up with your specs, but then all you have is your scimitar or longsword to finish off your opponent if your specs aren't lucky. This is why I would start with your dragon scimitar or longsword, attacking the opponent getting him down to 3/4 to 1/2 hp. Switch to your dds and put on its spec before your next hit so you are quick and psyche out the other player. You get multiple special attacks and, over time, your special attacks regenerate.

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    The Next Pure

    The next pure is the Whip Pure. This pure is like the DDS, but will be more of a risk, but you will get more kills, too. Take a look at the next article in the series to see what the Whip Pure can do and how it owns!

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