Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 4): Pure Directions

Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 4): Pure Directions
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The G Maul Pure

After creating an Obby Maul Pure, you can choose to stay at these levels, or train into another pure. The next pure is the Granite Maul Pure, or in short, the G Maul Pure.

Training: The G Maul Pure has 50 attack, 99 Strength, and 1 Defense. If you are training up from an Obby Maul Pure, all you have to do is train attack to 50, which should not take long at all. Train on Rock Crabs the same way you train an Obby Maul Pure. Do this at the north-east spot in Rellekka. You can find directions on how to get to the Rock Crab spot in Rellekka by looking at the Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 3.2): The Obby Maul Guide (Part 2).


The G Maul Items

First, given by the name, you must have a Granite Maul. This is used along side your rune scimitar as the main weapons for this pure. For your armor, wear either full iron or monk robes. A strength amulet with any cape can be used.

Any one of the three Unholy Books can be used. You can obtain these books by doing the “Horror from the Deep” quest, and filling your desired book you get from Jossik, after the quest is completed, with pages. You can either buy the pages or obtain them through Treasure Trails.

Climbing boots are the gray boots featured in all of the pictures. These provide Strength bonus and are really good for pking in any pure. You must start “Death Plateau” quest to buy these from Tenzing when you are on your way from Burthorpe to Death Plateau. If you want to buy and wear them from other players, you must have completed the Death Plateau quest first.

The last item is mithril gloves. If you were an Obby Maul Pure before, you will already have these. If you don’t have them, you can obtain them by completing part of the “Recipe for Disaster” quest.


Pking with a G Maul Pure

In your inventory for pking with a G Maul Pure, you need to have lobster or monkfish, super strength, super attack, a teleport tab, and your Granite Maul. Wear your rune scimitar and your Unholy Book to start the fights.

To pk with a G Maul Pure, you fight 1v1 one battles, meaning you fight yourself against another person. Use your scimitar at the beginning to drop down the other person’s hit points. Once you think you have him low enough to kill him, switch your weapons to the Granite Maul and use your special attack. Using your special attack will kill the opponent if your luck is good with your hits, and you have his hit points low enough.

Pking with this G Maul Pure pure will be way more fun than the Obby Maul Pure. The Obby Maul Pure is used to learn how to pk and is very simple. When you pk with a G Maul Pure, you have a little more strategy than hitting the other person and hoping for a big enough hit to kill the other opponent with. You can hit them to get them low, and then pull a surprise hit with your Granite Maul and K.O. him! Believe me, it is fun and will give you very good practice for many of the pures to come as their strategies only build upon each other.

DDS Pure Account

The next part of the series, Part 5, will explain the DDS pure account and what it takes to create and pk with this pure. It is more sophisticated than this pure and will generate more income for your account! You will have to raise your attack again, but it won’t be much and you will be all set to pk with this account! Take a look at Part 5 to move onto the next pure in this Runescape Pking Rs Guide!

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