Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 9): The Barrows Pure

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The Barrows Pure

The Barrows pure is the third highest melee pure. It has 70 Attack, 99 Strength, and 70 Defense. Having such high levels will start to give you more freedom in your pking. With the Barrows pure, you will be able to pk by yourself, with a small clan, or with a large clan and still get great drops.

What to Wear as a Barrows Pure

Since you have 70 Defense, you can wear pretty much anything while you train. From dragon items to barrows items, it’s your choice what you want to wear. I would recommend wearing your fighter torso, fury amulet, berserker ring and any other items that will boost your strength while training up to other pures. It is really your choice and on what other items to wear. Barrows armor is good defense; however you will have to pay for the repairs as it degrades when you use it. Dragon items do not need to be repaired and will give good defense, but like I said, the choice is yours. It will be nice to have a choice of armor to train in for once with this Barrows pure, especially if you were some of the other lower pures.

For pking with a Barrows pure, you will want to wear rune to barrows gloves, a rune defender, amulet of glory, climbing boots, rune armor, and a helm of neitiznot. Your choice of weapons should be a dds and an Abyssal Whip. You can also substitute some of these items for other items, cheaper or more expensive, depending on your budget.

Training and Pking

Training: Since you are now a higher leveled pure, you can now train on Giant Spiders or Bandits with your Barrows pure. Take a look at the guides listed below to learn how to train the Barrows pure.

- Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 8.1): Giant Spiders

- Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 8.2): Bandit Training

Pking: The Barrows pure has a higher defense level. This is a great advantage the Barrows pure has. Its higher defense with 99 Strength gives you great ability to hit very high, while also defending yourself. The good thing about the Barrows pure is its strategy for pking. If you already know how to pk with a Rune pure, it’s not much different.

As I’ve stated before, clan pking will be explained in a later article in this series. For soloing and 1v1 pking, you will want to use your special attack with your dds. Depending on your levels, armor, and luck, you may be able to kill your opponent with just the special attack. Make sure to use potions and prayer, if you have it, to boost your hits to their maximum potential. This will help get the most hit points off your opponent’s health, hopefully killing him. If you do not finish him with the special attacks, make sure you have an Abyssal Whip to complete the kill.

Maxed Barrows Pure

The maxed Barrows pure is another form of the Barrows pure, but contains the levels 99 Attack, 99 Strength, and 99 Defense. Everything is the same for this pure, it just has a better attack level, giving you better hits and more kills. This will also raise your combat level, so make sure you are ready and prepared to escape if a 120’s clan appears!

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