Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 7): The Rune Pure

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The Rune Pure

The Rune Pure has its name because it wears rune armor. To wear rune armor, you need have 40 defense. It uses the whip, dragon scimitar, dragon longsword, and the dds as its main choice of weapons. For richer pures, the whip and dds is used. For the poorer Rune Pures, you will want to use a dragon scimitar or dragon longsword with the dds. If you really don’t have money to waste, but your levels are 70 attack + and 99 strength, you can try using just a dds to spec them out.

The Rune Pure, like I mentioned before, wears rune full armor, minus the kiteshield. In place of the kiteshield, you will want the rune defender, which can be obtained by going to the Warrior’s Guild in Burthrope. Collect points by any of the ways possible in the entire guild and then head upstairs to kill Cyclopses to get defenders. You will have to work your way up from bronze to rune. Once you get rune, you might want to keep training on them and collect as many rune defenders as possible so you will not have to get these later, if you die.

You can wear a strength amulet, climbing boots, and rune gloves. To find out how to get climbing, take a look at “Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 4): The DDS Pure” and it will explain a brief summary how to get it. To get rune gloves, you need to complete more of “Recipie for Disaster”, which you worked on for the mithril gloves.

Pking with a Rune Pure

With a Rune Pure, you will basically have the same strategy as the Abyssal Whip Pure; however, you now have defense. With defense, you will be hit less, but you will also hit less on other players because your opponents will have to be higher levels as you are now a higher combat level with defense added into your stats.

You will want to run up with either your whip, dragon scimitar, or dragon longsword and being attacking you opponent. Once his hit points are low, special attack him with the DDS. Your Rune Pure should have what it takes to deflect many hits while being able to hit very high.

The Rune Pure is like an upgrade of am Abyssal Whip Pure. It’s everything the Abyssal Whip Pure is,with defense. This will raise your pking target’s levels; however, the higher the level, the more they could contain in wealth, the bigger the drop!

Parts 8.1 and 8.2

In “Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 8.1): Giant Spiders” and “Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 8.2): Bandit Training” you will be introduced to the best places to train once you are a Rune Pure and beyond. A Rune Pure has 40 defense. Once you are 40 defense, you will no longer need to train on Rock Crabs, and can move onto Giant Spiders and Bandits.

Take a look at the next articles to find out the best ways to train up your Rune Pure to other higher pure accounts.

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