Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 10): The Rs Max Pure

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Rs Max Pure

So you have finally made it. The last melee pure is the Rs Max Pure. The Rs Max Pure has 99 Attack, 99 Defense, and 99 Strength. It most likely will have 99 Hitpoints, as well. Having the highest level possible in all of these combat skills is why it is the “Max Pure.” It has the best stats for all of the melee pures, but you will also be very high combat level. Depending on your other levels, like Prayer and Summoning, you could be anywhere from level 113 to 138! This means you will be fighting the toughest players in the game, like the other Rs Max Pures in the game, while also having the ability to kill the lower levels under you without a fight. So let’s move onto what they can wear.


The Rs Max Pure, since it has 99 in all of the melee combat skills, you will be able to wear pritty much anything, except the quest items you have not obtained. If you have obtained the quest items, you will have yourself a very good account to own many players.

Since you are already have the highest levels in all of the combat skills, you will not need to train, unless you love to train and want to max out your experience in a skill or if you are training magic or range. I will explain training magic and range in later articles pertaining to their pures, so I will continue with armor for pking.

As an Rs Max Pure, you should have a good amount of money from training at bandits or at other random monsters for another skill, like slayer, or from having fun and pking. In that case, you should be able to wear a good amount of armor, and be able to lose it, without it taking large chunk out of your money supply. The armor for an Rs Max Pure is an Abyssal Whip, dds, barrows gloves, rune defender, amulet of glory, and dragon boots with full rune.

If you are very talented and have money to waste, you can wear barrows armor for better protection. If you are poorer and want to pk, wear the same thing stuff as a Max Barrows pure or the regular Barrows Pure. If you are a Max Barrows Pure and do not have enough money for armor, I would suggest taking a look at a money making guide to help you out in other parts of the game, rather than concentrating on pking.

Pking with an Rs Max Pure

Pking with an Rs Max Pure, with the Abyssal whip and DDS, is the same as the lower melee pures. Simply run in, special attack with your DDS, switch to your Abyssal whip to finish your opponent off. If you are using Barrows armor, depending on what type, you may not need to use a special attack weapon. You most likely will hit very high with Barrows armor on and will be able to K.O. your opponent in a few good hits.

The good thing about the Rs Max Pure is its 99 defense. With this, you will be very strong and solid. Many hits will not hit you, giving you less time worrying about eating and praying, with more time enjoying your high hits and good drops!

Whats to Come?

In later articles, make sure to check out what the range pures, mage pures, wars, and other events which take place in PVP worlds to make the fullest out of your PVP pking experience.

Good luck to all those becoming an Rs Max Pure. It takes a large amount of patience, dedication, and time to become one, but it sure is definitely worth it!

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