Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 3): The Obby Maul Pure

Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 3): The Obby Maul Pure
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The Lowest Melee Pure

You are now about to dive into the world of pures. There are many debates, Runescape battles, and disputes about which pure accounts are the best? So let’s get into learning about them in this Rs guide and you can choose for yourself, starting with the Obby Maul pure.

The Obby Maul pure is a very simple account, but it’s rather hard to obtain the levels. The Obby Maul pure is the lowest melee pure you can start with. To obtain an account like the Obby Maul pure, you have to get 99 strength on your account while still keeping your attack and defense at 1! Yes, you have to train all the way to level 99 strength, with both attack and defense levels at one. Don’t get worried! There is a way to train fast for an Obby Maul pure. But first, you need to know more about them…


What To Wear With Your Obby Maul Pure

Obby Maul pures are fairly easy and cheap to armor up and get ready to fight. The basic full iron armor without the kite shield, a strength amulet and mithril gloves, if you have them. Mithril, along with other gloves to boost your stats a little can be obtained in Recipe for Disaster, a very long and difficult quest. These are not required, rather just recommended. You can wear any boots and cape you would like.

The weapon of choice is the obsidian maul, mostly referred to as the obby maul. The technical name in Runescape for the obby maul is Tzharr-ket-om. (Now do you see why we nick named it the “obby maul”? HaHa! ) They currently cost around 180k each.

If 180k seems to be too much for you, don’t worry about it! You will make enough money while playing the game, by the time you get to 99 strength, to afford one of these. However, if you want to make money faster, and don’t have any money making skills, come back soon and check out some of my guides I will write, later on, for low level, new player ways to make money fast, which many players don’t take advantage of!


Basic Inventory For Obby Maul Pure Pking

Inventory For Training An Obby Maul Pure

Your inventory for training can and should be fairly light. You will need food, but do a practice run with a full load and see how much you really need. If you can’t get a couple hour run in with 10 lobsters, then only bring 10 lobsters. Your goal should be to keep your weight low to save energy. Have your run on! Only bring what you need to stay there for about an hour to three hours, and then take a break to bank. You might have to bank some random or drop items.

You might want to bring potions to help you hit higher. For the best results for your money, buy combat potions! These help out all of your stats, attack, strength, and defense, letting you hit higher more frequently while blocking more of the Rock Crabs hits!

In your inventory for pking, you could have the choice of going basic, or advanced. A more basic would be some food, maybe lobster, regular strength and attack potions, maybe combat potions, and a teleport tab.

A more advanced is like the picture shown below. You will have super sets, which is super strength, attack, and defense, monkfish, prayer pots, and a teleport tab. You really don’t need to have super defense. It does not help much. However, supper attack and strength are highly recommended!!

Obby Maul Pure (Part 2)

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